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Gov’s budget address could bring 1.5 percent increase in funding for schools

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard will present his proposed budget for fiscal year 2016, which may include a 1.5 percent increase in state aid for school districts.


The proposed budget will be unveiled on Tuesday (12/2) in the House Chambers of the Capitol Building during the Governor’s budget address.


The 1.5 percent increase would be in accordance with state law, which requires schools receive an increase in state aid of three percent or the rate of inflation (projected at 1.5 percent for next year) whichever is less.


For the 2014-15 school year, the per-student allocation is set at $4,781. An increase of 1.5 percent would put the PSA at approximately $4,853 for the 2015-16 school year, which equates to about a $72 increase per-student in state funding.


Gov. Daugaard could propose more than the prescribed 1.5 percent increase. Last year he proposed a three percent increase in place of the 1.6 percent that would have been required based on inflation, which ultimately resulted in legislators approving a 3.35 percent increase.


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