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Below you will find a calendar of ASBSD events for the upcoming year. On the list below you’ll find registration links for the events under the “Registration Link” column. We ask that Business Managers continue to complete registration for individuals who wish to attend an ASBSD event. Registration instructions will be provided well in advance of events. Please note:

  • ASBSD Board of Directors meetings, the ASBPT Membership Meeting and the Academic Excellence Luncheon will not have registration links added, as they are not registrable events;
  • Registration for the in-person Election Workshop is completed through a form submitted to the South Dakota Municipal League. The form is linked to under the “Registration Link” column;
  • The School Law Webinar dates are subject to change;
  • Download the 2018-19 ASBSD Event Calendar


DateEventLocationRegistration Link
Jan. 17ASBSD Negotiated Agreement WorkshopRapid City (2100 N LaCrosse St.)Register
Jan. 24ASBSD LAN TrainingOnlineRegister
Jan. 30ASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
Jan. 31ASBSD Negotiated Agreement WorkshopPierre (920 W Sioux Ave.)Register
Jan. 31ASBSD LAN TrainingOnlineRegister
Feb. 6ASBSD LAN TrainingOnlineRegister
Feb. 14ASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
Feb. 18-22South Dakota School Board Recognition Week
Feb. 18 ASBSD Board of Director's meetingFort Pierre (325 Hustan Avenue)
Feb. 19ASBSD Legislative DayFort Pierre (325 Hustan Avenue)Register
March 5School Election WorkshopOnline (9:30 a.m.)Register
March 5School Election WorkshopOnline (2:30 p.m.)Register
March 12School Election WorkshopOnline (9:30 a.m.)Register
March 12School Election WorkshopOnline (2:30 p.m.)Register
March 14ASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
March 19ASBSD Collective Bargaining SeminarSioux Falls (3200 West Maple Street)Register
March 19School Election WorkshopOnline (9:30 a.m.)Register
March 19School Election WorkshopOnline (2:30 p.m.)Register
March 21ASBSD Collective Bargaining SeminarRapid City (2111 B North LaCrosse)Register
March 21School Election WorkshopOnline (9:30 a.m.)Register
March 21School Election WorkshopOnline (2:30 p.m.)Register
March 22ASBSD Collective Bargaining SeminarPierre (920 West Sioux Avenue)Register
March 26ASBPT Membership MeetingOacoma (920 West Sioux Avenue)Register
April 10ASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
April 26-27 ASBSD Board MeetingTBD
April 29ASBSD Academic Excellence LuncheonPierre (920 West Sioux Avenue)
May 1ASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
School Law Webinar recordings
October WebinarASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
November WebinarASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
December WebinarASBSD School Law WebinarOnlineRegister
ASBSD School Board U
Fiscal ResponsibilityOnlineRegister
Board President and Superintendent RelationshipOnlineRegister
School Board GovernanceOnlineRegister
Strategic PlanningOnlineRegister
New School Board Member workshopOnlineRegister
Ethical School Board ServiceOnlineRegister