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Required suicide prevention training available

SafeSchools Training provides a state approved Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention training, which becomes a certificate requirement effective on July 1, 2017.


The Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention training requirement comes from the passage of 2016’s Senate Bill 129, which establishes certain suicide awareness and prevention training requirements for certain school employees.


South Dakota’s training requirement includes a minimum of one hour of suicide awareness and prevention training as a requirement for the initial certificate and renewal certificate of a teacher, administrator, or other educational professional.


SafeSchools Training meets the 1 hour requirement of training for all teachers, administrators and other education professionals needing a certificate of renewal.


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ASBSD has partnered with SafeSchools Training to provide their award-winning online staff training system to all member districts.


Members of the Associated School Boards Protective Trust’s Workers’ Compensation and Property/Liability Funds have access to the training system at no cost and all other ASBSD members receive the program at a 50 percent savings.


Download the ASBSD SafeSchools Training Product Overview and watch an overview of SafeSchools’ training.


SafeSchools Training looks forward to helping districts meet this important required training and in order to get started with training today, please call SafeSchools Representatives John-Michael Larry or Danielle Hayek at 1-800-434-0154.

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