Superintendent Search

Selecting a superintendent is one of the most important decisions a school board makes. But it’s also a time consuming process. That’s why ASBSD developed the Superintendent Search Guidebook to help local districts to complete their own superintendent search.

Phase I:  Self-Guided Search Resources

ASBSD will provide member school boards with a introduction to the superintendent search process and all the documents a school board needs to conduct a search. Phase I includes the Superintendent Search Guidebook, on-site training and a CD with editable search materials. The booklet includes all the information a board needs to conduct a search and select a candidate.

Phase II: Facilitated Search

For boards that would like help conducting a search, ASBSD offers PHASE II superintendent search services. ASBSD works directly with the board to facilitate the search to:

  • Design the search district brochure (upon request)
  • Establish timelines and process
  • Establish costs the board will pay for candidates (travel, lodging, etc.)
  • Review and develop the application form
  • Define details within process (recommendation, screening process, interview committees, who will complete reference checks, etc.)
  • Select final interview questionnaire
  • Develop employment advertising and deploy the advertisement (district pays the cost of advertising).

Phase III: Facilitated Candidate Selection

School boards that want assistance selecting a candidate can opt for ASBSD’s Phase III superintendent search services. Phase III includes:

  • Receive and process applications
  • Screen and conduct confidential reference checks on the applicants
  • Present applicants to the board with recommended finalists
  • Assist the board in selecting candidates to interview (upon request)
  • Schedule interviews for selected candidates
  • Send letters to applicants not selected for interview
  • Schedule site visits and/or final interviews (optional)
  • Assist the board with the final selection and contract negotiations
  • Inform other applicants that the position has been filled

Fees and Expenses

Other expenses (mileage, advertising, etc.) will be extra, as applicable.

  • Phase I: $500 total (plus expenses)
  • Phase II: $2,000 total (plus expenses)
  • Phase III: $4,000 total (plus expenses)

The district will also assume the costs of advertising the position and travel costs for any candidate interviews.

Contact ASBSD at 605-773-2500.

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