Superintendent Search

Selecting a superintendent is one of the most important decisions a school board makes. But it’s also a time consuming process. That’s why ASBSD developed the Superintendent Search Guidebook to help local districts to complete their own superintendent search.

Download the Superintendent Search Services guide here.

Phase I:  Self-Guided Search Resources

ASBSD will provide member school boards with a introduction to the superintendent search process and all the documents a school board needs to conduct a search. Phase I includes the Superintendent Search Guidebook, on-site training and a CD with editable search materials. The booklet includes all the information a board needs to conduct a search and select a candidate.

Phase II: Facilitated Search

For boards that would like help conducting a search, ASBSD offers PHASE II superintendent search services. ASBSD works directly with the board to facilitate the search to:

  • Design the search district brochure (upon request)
  • Establish timelines and process
  • Establish costs the board will pay for candidates (travel, lodging, etc.)
  • Review and develop the application form
  • Define details within process (recommendation, screening process, interview committees, who will complete reference checks, etc.)
  • Select final interview questionnaire
  • Develop employment advertising and deploy the advertisement (district pays the cost of advertising).

Phase III: Facilitated Candidate Selection

School boards that want assistance selecting a candidate can opt for ASBSD’s Phase III superintendent search services. Phase III includes:

  • Receive and process applications
  • Screen and conduct confidential reference checks on the applicants
  • Present applicants to the board with recommended finalists
  • Assist the board in selecting candidates to interview (upon request)
  • Schedule interviews for selected candidates
  • Send letters to applicants not selected for interview
  • Schedule site visits and/or final interviews (optional)
  • Assist the board with the final selection and contract negotiations
  • Inform other applicants that the position has been filled

Fees and Expenses

Other expenses (mileage, advertising, etc.) will be extra, as applicable.

  • Phase I: $500 total (plus expenses)
  • Phase II: $2,000 total (plus expenses)
  • Phase III: $4,000 total (plus expenses)

The district will also assume the costs of advertising the position and travel costs for any candidate interviews.

Download the Superintendent Search Services guide here.

Contact ASBSD at 605-773-2500.