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Policy Alert: School Board Member Code of Ethics

ASBSD Policy Alert will be your source for the latest updates, commentary and information on school board policy.


School boards may want to consider reviewing and possibly amending their local school district’s current policy or enact such a policy if there is not currently a policy related to school board member code of ethics.


There are South Dakota Department of Education state regulations related to Professional Teachers Ethics (ARSD 24:08) and Professional Administrator Ethics (ARSD 24:11).  While there are statutes related to School Board Member Conflict of Interest (i.e., SDCL 6-1-1, 6-1-2, SDCL 6-1-17, SDCL 13-43-1, etc.), there is nothing in statute or administrative regulations related to a school board member code of ethics.


Whether a local school board wishes to have such a policy (and if so, what it contains), is a local school board decision.


ASBSD had amended sample policy BBF:  Board Member Code of Ethics.


See each of these and more sample policies at the ASBSD Policy Reference Manual website.

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