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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1043Provides a $300 tax credit for homeowners on their owner-occupied tax with DOR reimbursing the counties for the credit.MonitorKilled2/21/2023
House Bill 1044Establishes a scholarship program for students pursuing careers in a behavioral health field and appropriates funding for the scholarship .SupportKilled2/23/2023
House Bill 1049Revises the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2023.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/20/2023
House Bill 1055Increases the amount provided through the opportunity scholarship.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/23/2023
House Bill 1060Modifies provisions related to procurement for the state and other purchasing agencies.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/24/2023
House Bill 1070Appropriates funding to Black Hills State University to develop K-12 civics & social studies curriculum and professional development.OpposeKilled2/21/2023
House Bill 1075Repeals sales tax on groceries.OpposeKilled2/21/2023
House Bill 1079Appropriates $2 million to DOH for grants to support mental health services for youth and young adults.SupportSigned by Gov.3/23/2023
House Bill 1094Repeals sales tax on groceries and the Partridge Amendment.OpposeKilled3/7/2023
House Bill 1095Lowers sales tax on groceries to 2.5 percent.OpposeKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1096Lowers sales tax on groceries to 3.5 percent.OpposeKilled2/9/2023
House Bill 1104Requires written consent for a third party to transmit a completed voter registration form.MonitorKilled2/3/2023
House Bill 1105Establishes the legal standing of the Legislature to bring suit and be a necessary party in actions involving election law violations by public officials.MonitorKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1115Revises certain provisions pertaining to the destruction of ballots and pollbooks after an election.MonitorKilled2/24/2023
House Bill 1116Prohibits the use of state resources in hosting lewd or lascivious content.OpposeKilled3/2/2023
House Bill 1122Allows tenth grade students to participate in dual credit courses with verification of academic readiness.MonitorKilled2/13/2023
House Bill 1123Allows boards to lengthen terms from three to four years, or decrease terms to two years, subject to referendum.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/22/2023
House Bill 1124Modifies provisions pertaining to the testing of automatic tabulating equipment.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/22/2023
House Bill 1137Repeals the Partridge Amendment permanently and lowers the sales tax rate to 4.2 percent only through June 30, 2027.OpposeSigned by Gov.3/21/2023
House Bill 1139Codifies the fundamental right of a parent.OpposeKilled1/31/2023
House Bill 1141Provides a $425 tax credit for homeowners on their owner-occupied tax paid to homeowners by DOR.MonitorKilled3/7/2023
House Bill 1142Vehicle billMonitorKilled3/6/2023
House Bill 1146Establishes a citizen's legal standing to request a writ of mandamus or prohibition.MonitorKilled2/1/2023
House Bill 1163Requires a school board to adopt a policy related library materials and imposes a penalty if they fail to do so.OpposeKilled2/8/2023
House Bill 1165Modifies certain provisions pertaining to absentee voting.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/22/2023
House Bill 1177Revises the retirement benefits of certain rehired teachers at qualifying public school districts.MonitorKilled2/8/2023
House Bill 1191Clarifies the duties of truancy officers.SupportSigned by Gov.3/9/2023
House Bill 1199Requires a post-election audit.MonitorKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1214Appropriates funding to address the rising number of teacher vacancies throughout the state.SupportKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1221Provides free school lunches to students.MonitorKilled2/13/2023
House Bill 1233Expands the provision of online education through the SD Virtual School.OpposeKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1234Creates a voucher program to provide public funds for private education.OpposeKilled2/15/2023
House Bill 1235Provides a conscience exemption from a COVID-19 vaccination.MonitorKilled2/16/2023
House Bill 1237Codifies the fundamental right of a parent.OpposeKilled2/6/2023
HCR 6001Proposes the study of a potential optional educational path.MonitorEnrolled2/24/2023
HCR 6002Proposes the study of childhood mental health and available childhood mental health services.MonitorKilled2/27/2023
HCR 6008Affirms, supports, and defends certain principles, values, and goals.MonitorKilled2/8/2023
HJR 5003Proposes ballot measure relating to the right of a person to reject certain medical procedures.MonitorKilled1/25/2023
HC 8008Honors Sioux Falls School Board Member Cynthia Mickelson as the 2022 S.D. Outstanding School Board Member of the Year.SupportEnrolled2/8/2023
Senate Bill 3Requires law enforcement to report juvenile offenses to school officials .MonitorKilled2/24/2023
Senate Bill 4Modifies a court's authority to commit a habitual juvenile offender to the Department of Corrections.SupportSigned by Gov.3/20/2023
Senate Bill 5Extends the Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee to 2031 and adds two school representatives to the council membership.SupportSigned by Gov.3/9/2023
Senate Bill 6Authorizes community response teams to recommend community-based resources for alleged juvenile delinquents.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/9/2023
Senate Bill 24Provides the 7 percent increase in state aid and revises the property tax levies for school districts.SupportSigned by Gov.3/20/2023
Senate Bill 39Modifies provisions regarding educator complaints.MonitorKilled2/3/2023
Senate Bill 49Prohibits the improper storage & disposal of records containing personal or protected information and implements a penalty.MonitorKilled2/9/2023
Senate Bill 55Prohibits rank-choice voting.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/22/2023
Senate Bill 57Revises the eligibility of homeschool students for participation in school district activities.SupportKilled2/2/2023
Senate Bill 59Appropriates $5 million for CTE equipment grants.SupportSigned by Gov.3/17/2023
Senate Bill 65Lowers the compulsory age of school attendance to 16.OpposeKilled2/14/2023
Senate Bill 76Includes teachers, administrators and other educational professionals to the licensure endorsement process.SupportSigned by Gov.3/1/2023
Senate Bill 82Creates a scholarship program utilizing public funds for private education and other services.OpposeKilled3/6/2023
Senate Bill 96Establishes a recall process for school board members.OpposeKilled1/31/2023
Senate Bill 100Creates a scholarship program utilizing public funds for private education and other services.OpposeKilled2/7/2023
Senate Bill 101Provides DOH with oversight authority for the provision of emergency medical services.MonitorKilled3/2/2023
Senate Bill 112Repeals the Partridge Amendment and lowers the sales tax rate to 4.2 percent.OpposeKilled3/9/2023
Senate Bill 118Expands tuition reduction eligibility for all teachers.SupportSigned by Gov.3/23/2023
Senate Bill 120Exempts from taxation $2.5 million of value of property owned by a local industrial development corporation.OpposeSigned by Gov.3/23/2023
Senate Bill 125Prohibits additional vaccinations be added to the current list of required vaccinations.OpposeKilled2/15/2023
Senate Bill 129Includes school employees in certain assault provisions.SupportVetoed3/9/2023
Senate Bill 130Provides for philosophical exceptions to required vaccinations.OpposeKilled2/6/2023
Senate Bill 131Repeals the growth cap on the Capital Outlay levy.SupportKilled2/3/2023
Senate Bill 134Changes membership of the medical marijuana oversight committee.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/15/2023
Senate Bill 151Clarifies information related to students that is not subject to survey, analysis, or evaluation without consent.MonitorKilled2/22/2023
Senate Bill 162Revises public comment provisions.OpposeSigned by Gov.2/27/2023
Senate Bill 163Permits the playing of anHonor Song at graduation ceremonies.OpposeKilled2/9/2023
Senate Bill 168Authorizes a school board to adopt policies regarding students who are registered sex offenders.SupportSigned by Gov.3/20/2023
Senate Bill 182Requests a uniform method for calculating high school credit received from completing postsecondary courses.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/9/2023
Senate Bill 187Requires schools to provide instruction on South Dakota's tribal history, culture, and government.MonitorKilled2/9/2023
Senate Bill 193Establishes provisions for the review and selection of instructional materials in school districts.OpposeKilled2/16/2023
Senate Bill 203Appropriates funds for the Fiscal Year 2024 general fund.MonitorKilled3/9/2023
Senate Bill 207Provides a penalty for the expenditure of public funds to influence the outcome of an election.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/22/2023
Senate Bill 210Appropriates funds for the Fiscal Year 2024 general fund.SupportSigned by Gov.3/20/2023
SJR 503Proposes a ballot measure to request a cap on property tax valuation growth.MonitorKilled2/9/2023
SC 803Honors the 2021-22 SASD Outstanding Administrators.SupportEnrolled1/30/2023
SC 808Honors the Huron School Board as the 2022 Outstanding School Board.SupportEnrolled2/14/2023
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