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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1002Makes the ACT exam the state assessment for students in the 11th grade.MonitorKilled1/12/2024
House Bill 1020Places the suicide training requirement for teachers in the school district accreditation process and updates the training completion confirmation.MonitorSigned by the Governor2/6/2024
House Bill 1021Merges the Teacher and Administrator Practices and Standards CommissionsMonitorKilled1/17/2024
House Bill 1022Appropriates $6 million for DOE's literacy initiative.SupportSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
House Bill 1040Caps the amount of property tax growth to three percent annually on owner-occupied property.OpposeKilled2/1/2024
House Bill 1042Creates a free school lunch funding program through the state for eligible students.MonitorKilled1/22/2024
House Bill 1048Revises average teacher compensation and sets a minimum teacher salary.MonitorKilled3/4/2024
House Bill 1055Raises the appraisal value of surplus property that may be sold by a political subdivision without notice.SupportSigned by the Governor2/6/2024
House Bill 1066Appropriates $300,000 in grant funding to recruit an retain teachers.SupportKilled1/17/2024
House Bill 1072Establishes provisions for appointment to the state Board of Education.OpposeKilled1/17/2024
House Bill 1132Revises certain provisions related to municipal governments.MonitorSigned by Governor3/7/2024
House Bill 1134Includes three-year enrollment averaging in the state aid formula calculation.SupportKilled2/2/2024
House Bill 1137Establishes a minimum teacher salary for all school districts to meet.MonitorKilled2/8/2024
House Bill 1142Vehicle billMonitorKilled3/4/2024
House Bill 1162Mandates when school board elections can be held.OpposeKilled2/28/2024
House Bill 1164Mandates when school bond elections can be held.OpposeKilled2/12/2024
House Bill 1165Institutes a new bullying procedure for schools.OpposeKilled2/2/2024
House Bill 1181Increases the number of years the discretionary formula may be applied to a structure, and to allow for the individual application of the discretionary formula for a structure.OpposeKilled2/5/2024
House Bill 1187Allows schools to hire a CTE instructor on a one-year permit.SupportSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
House Bill 1189Prohibits a government body from using their resources to campaign.OpposeKilled2/8/2024
House Bill 1197Requires the publication of measures taken to restrict the access of obscene materials by minors.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/6/2024
House Bill 1201Appropriates $800,000 for the teacher apprenticeship pathway program.SupportSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
House Bill 1206Appropriates funding to the Douglas School District for construction costs of a new school building.Monitor Killed2/5/2024
House Bill 1208Requires the Director of Equalization to make adjustments to the assessed value of ag land based on certain factors that affect the productivity of the land.Monitor Killed2/12/2024
House Bill 1216Provides funding to local governments with additional funding when the state's budget reserve exceeds 10 percent.SupportKilled2/5/2024
House Bill 1218Appropriates $10 million to the out of school time program.MonitorKilled2/14/2024
House Bill 1220Allows for a civil action against the Department of Education for a due process complaint.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/7/2024
House Bill 1226Appropriates $5 million to the Department of Education for grants to schools to support telemedicine to students.SupportKilled2/13/2024
House Bill 1236Mandates a physical education program and recognition for it.MonitorKilled2/23/2024
House Bill 1237Establishes provisions related to the rating of books available in school districts.OpposeKilled2/8/2024
House Bill 1238Mandates school lunch payment policy.MonitorKilled2/14/2024
House Bill 1241Modifies the amount of time allowed to an employee to vote at any election in this state.MonitorKilled2/12/2024
House Bill 1245Allows a juvenile to be held in custody for up to five days following a temporary custody hearing.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/18/2024
House Bill 1248Prohibits any person from coercing another person from getting a vaccination.MonitorKilled2/12/2024
House Bill 1250Creates a school voucher program, which could cost the state up to $109 million.OpposeKilled2/8/2024
House Bill 1251Modifies provisions related to the annexation of unplatted territory or agricultural land.MonitorKilled2/12/2024
House Bill 1253Allows a non-accredited school to be eligible to a receive a private school scholarship.MonitorKilled2/5/2024
House Bill 1255Permits a religious society to apply for tax exempt property status.MonitorKilled2/20/2024
House Bill 1259Appropriates funds for the Fiscal Year 2025 General Fund.SupportSigned by the Governor3/18/2024
HC 8011Honors Jason Jons of the South Central School Board for 25-years of service.SupportEnrolled2/2/2024
HC 8023Commends and honors the Harrisburg School Board for earning the 2023 School Board Award of ExcellenceSupportEnrolled2/21/2024
Senate Bill 1Expands eligibility for the reduced tuition benefit for certain school district at Board of Regents institutions to school counselors.SupportSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
Senate Bill 2Removes the uniform method of high school credit calculation for postsecondary courses.SupportSigned by the Governor2/6/2024
Senate Bill 17Modifies the requirements for voter registration.MonitorKilled2/12/2024
Senate Bill 34Requires schools to have a SRO or School Sentinel in each school building.OpposeKilled1/11/2024
Senate Bill 51Provides the 4 percent increase in state aid to public school districts.SupportSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
Senate Bill 72Increases the private school scholarship total amount to $5 million, up from $3.5 million.OpposeSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
Senate Bill 94Amends provisions to the operation of the private school scholarship program.MonitorSigned by Governor2/27/2024
Senate Bill 100Prohibits additions to the children's immunization list.OpposeKilled1/31/2024
Senate Bill 101Prohibits conducting certain physical examinations in school.OpposeKilled1/31/2024
Senate Bill 103Imposes mandated door monitoring in school buildings.OpposeKilled1/31/2024
Senate Bill 127Establishes a minimum teacher salary for all school districts to meet and requires increases based on the funding increases provided to state aid.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/13/2024
Senate Bill 146Amends the penalty for threatening an elected official.SupportSigned by the Governor3/18/2024
Senate Bill 152Sets a maximum fee for legal publications dependent on circulation.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/5/2024
Senate Bill 155Requires the playing of the honor song at graduation upon requestOpposeKilled2/1/2024
Senate Bill 159Supersedes local control of a school district for mascot choice.OpposeKilled2/1/2024
Senate Bill 161Mandates the incorporation of OSEU into social studies curriculum.OpposeKilled2/1/2024
Senate Bill 167Caps the amount of property tax growth on owner-occupied property.OpposeKilled2/1/2024
Senate Bill 198Allows a school to obtain and administer nasal glucagon to students with parent permission.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/18/2024
Senate Bill 203Permits an individual who is 21-years or older and has an enhanced concealed carry permit to possess a weapon on school grounds.OpposeSigned by the Governor3/18/2024
Senate Bill 204Appropriates $5 million to the Douglas School District for construction of a new school building.MonitorKilled2/23/2024
Senate Bill 207Increases oversight over pool arrangements.OpposeKilled 2/13/2024
Senate Bill 212Allows for the payment of goods or services by a school district between school board meetings in certain circumstances.SupportSigned by the Governor3/14/2024
SJR 505Proposes a ballot measure to cap owner-occupied property tax growth.OpposeKilled2/7/2024
SC 804Honors the 2022-23 Outstanding School Administrators.SupportEnrolled1/29/2024
SC 814Honoring Dale Becker of the Bridgewater-Emery School Board for his 25-years service.SupportEnrolled2/28/2024
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