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About Associated School Boards of South Dakota

Associated School Boards of South Dakota is a private, non-profit organization representing more than 850 local school board members, the school districts they govern and the students they serve.

ASBSD provides services and support to local school boards and local school districts, specializing in assisting members with aspects related to the governance of public education. As the state school board association, we advocate in the interest of local school board members for continued advancement of the K-12 education system.

Vision, Mission and Beliefs


Leadership to achieve excellence for South Dakota public education.


Partnering. Advocating. Leading.


Associated School Boards of South Dakota believes:

  • Every student has a right to a high-quality public education.
  • The strength of our society depends on high quality public education.
  • All students can achieve in a culture of high expectations.
  • Partnerships maximize advancements in public education.
  • Governance is best exercised closest to the people.
  • Effective leaders value professional growth.


In order to best reflect our beliefs and fulfill our mission, ASBSD will:
  1. Provide school board members and board-superintendent teams with valuable leadership development.
  2. Deliver valuable, useful and accessible member services.
  3. Strengthen broad-based advocacy programs.
  4. Increase school board member participation and engagement.

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