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The ASBSD Board of Directors consists of 18 ASBSD Region Directors elected to four-year terms. ASBSD Region Directors are elected both from a geographic region and a school size category. A five-member executive committee may meet in the interim to discuss emerging issues facing the organization. Download The Role of the ASBSD Board.

ASBSD Executive Committee

Eric Stroeder :: President :: Central Region, 266-699

Eric Stroeder, Mobridge-Pollock, has been a member of the ASBSD Board of Directors since 2012 and previously served as ASBSD President in 2015-16 and on the Executive Committee from 2013-17. He has been a member of his local board since 2012, during which time he has been elected as both School Board President and Vice President, served on the South Dakota Retirement System Board of Directors since 2004, been a member of the Blue Ribbon Task Force and acted as the Mobridge-Pollock representative for ASBSD’s Legislative Action Network and as their Delegate. He is a Civil Engineer for the State of South Dakota

Lisa Snedeker :: 1st Vice President :: Southeast Region, 265 & Under

Lisa Snedeker, Woonsocket, has been a member of the ASBSD Board of Directors since 2018. She has been a member of her local board since 2015, during which time she has been elected as both School Board Chair and Vice Chair, and been a member of the Community Development Committee. Lisa has represented her local board at ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly and as their Legislative Action Network member. She is a Branch Manager and Training Coordinator for Dakotaland Federal Credit Union.

Louann Krogman :: 2nd Vice President :: Central Region, At-Large

Louann Krogman, White River, has been a member of the ASBSD Board of Directors since 2019. She has been a member of her local board since 2014, during which time she has s served on the district’s Handbook Review and Interview committees. Louann has been a very active participant in ASBSD events having completed school board trainings, region meetings and the Association’s annual convention. She is a retired educator.

Past President


Duane Alm

Aberdeen School Board

Northeast Region, 1,400-9,999

Nan Baker
Nan Baker

Sioux Falls School Board
Southeast Region, 10,000 & Above

Garret Bischoff

Huron School Board
Northeast Region, At-Large (700-1,399)

Tom Farrell

Madison Central School Board
Southeast Region, 700-1,399

Tanya Gray

Douglas School Board
Western Region, 1,400-9,999

Pamela Haukaas

Colome Consolidated School Board
Central Region, 265 & Under

Susan Humiston

Edgemont School Board
Western Region, 265 & Under

Steve Kubik

Winner School Board
Central Region, 700-1,399

Jamie Lindner
Jamie Lindner

Waverly School Board
Northeast Region, 265 & Under

Anita Peterson

Haakon School Board
Western Region, 266-699

Angie Ross

Hill City School Board
Western Region, At-Large (700-1,399)

Shane Roth

De Smet School Board
Northeast Region, 266-699

Ellie Saxer
Ellie Saxer

Brandon Valley School Board
Southeast Region, 1,400-9,999

Julie Schwader

Howard School Board
Southeast Region, 266-699