Teacher Placement

The South Dakota Teacher Placement Center features qualified teacher and administrator applicants. Find a candidate at: http://www.asbsd.org/teacher

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Protective Trust

ASB Protective Trust offers quality health, work comp, property/liability and life insurance coverage. Learn more about the affordable coverage on our updated webpage.

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Board Training

ASBSD Board Training provides professional development to help enhance the effective governance of local education leaders.

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Policy Services

School board policies have the full force and effect of the law. Access the ASBSD Policy Services Website and view ASBSD Sample Policies at: https://policy.asbsd.org

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Latest News

Appoint your district’s delegate for the 2021 ASBSD Delegate Assembly

ASBSD member districts each need to appoint a Delegate to represent their school board at the 2021 ASBSD Delegate…

Updates made to 2022 ASBSD Legislative Resolutions and Standing Positions

ASBSD’s proposed legislative platform for the 2022 legislative session is ready for review ahead of this year’s Delegate Assembly.



Latest Events

Wednesdays with Wade meetings in-person and online this fall

Wednesdays with Wade returns this fall in-person AND online.


Join ASBSD Executive Director W

Eight school law webinars on this year’s schedule

COSA and ASBSD experts return this school year to provide great school law knowledge as part of the 2021-22…