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Below you will find a calendar of ASBSD events for the upcoming year. On the list below you’ll find registration links for the events under the “Registration Link” column. We ask that Business Managers continue to complete registration for individuals who wish to attend an ASBSD event. Registration instructions will be provided well in advance of events. Please note:

DateEventLocationRegistration Link
July 1-June 30 2023-24 ASBSD School Board U – New Board Member CourseOnlineRegister
July 1-June 30 2023-24 ASBSD School Board U – School Board President CourseOnlineRegister
September 19 Artificial Intelligence and Schools WorkshopHarrisburgRegister
September 26 Artificial Intelligence and Schools WorkshopChamberlainRegister
September 27 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingMadisonRegister
October 4 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingAberdeenRegister
October 10-June 30 ASBSD/COSA All School Law Webinars PackageOnlineRegister
October 10 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Book Banning-Library MaterialsOnlineRegister
October 11 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingDeadwoodRegister
October 18 Wednesdays with Wermedal webinarOnlineRegister
October 18ASBSD/COSA School Law SeminarChamberlain (1981 E King St.)Register
October 25 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingWhite RiverRegister
November 1 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingBrandonRegister
November 7 ASBSD Delegate Assembly Member Resolution-Standing Position DeadlineMember Resolution-Standing Position FormMember Resolution-Standing Position Form
November 8 Wednesdays with Wermedal meetingTimber LakeRegister
November 14 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Opt-Outs/Contracts/Purchase AgreementsOnlineRegister
November 16 ASBSD Board of Directors meetingPierre (920 W Sioux Ave.)
November 17 ASBSD Delegate AssemblyPierre (920 W Sioux Ave.)Appoint Delegate
December 12 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Ethics RulesOnlineRegister
January 9 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Homeschool Enrollment IssuesOnlineRegister
February 13 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Board Policy and Handbook OverviewOnlineRegister
March 12 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Fair Labor Standards ActOnlineRegister
April 9 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: Hot Topics in the Courtroom: School LitigationOnlineRegister
May 14 ASBSD/COSA School Law Webinar: SRO/Law Enforcement Relationship with SchoolsOnlineRegister
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