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Policy Alert: Confidentiality of school employee evaluations

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HB 1030 enacted a new statute, SDCL 13-42-70, to help ensure confidentiality of school employee evaluations. It essentially says that any employee evaluation record or document, in written or electronic form, is confidential personnel information, is not subject to public disclosure and cannot be inspected or copied by the public (including the media).


This confidentiality applies not only to the final evaluation instrument or document, but also applies to any record of notes made in connection with the evaluation (such as written reprimands, etc.).


Following the passage of HB 1030, ASBSD amended the following sample policies:

CBG: Superintendent Evaluation

CBG-E1: Goals-Based Superintendent Evaluation Form

CBG-E2: Standards- Based Superintendent Evaluation Form

GBL: Personnel Records

GCN: Professional Teaching Staff Evaluation

GDN: Support Staff Evaluation


Following the passage of HB 1030, ASBSD drafted the following new sample policies:

CGA: Business Manager Job Description (replacing policy BCC: Appointed Board Officials)

CGB: Business Manager Evaluation

CIA: Administrative Staff Evaluation


See each of these and more sample policies at the ASBSD Policy Reference Manual website.

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