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Poll shows support for decision making of local school boards

A study on the public’s attitude toward public schools indicated that “most Americans” support the decision making of local school boards.


The 46th Annual PDK (Phi Delta Kappa International)/Gallup poll, released yesterday, noted that 56 percent of those polled (1,001 Americans over the age of 18) believed that the local school board “should have the greatest influence in deciding what is taught in public schools.”


Digging further into the poll revealed that 60 percent of public school parents polled supported local school boards in deciding what’s taught in public schools.


ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said, while done on a national level, the poll reflects the trust South Dakotans have in their locally elected leaders.


“South Dakota is a local control state. Our citizens trust in their locally elected leaders,” Pogany said. “The poll reflects the belief that South Dakota school board members know what’s best for the children in their districts.”


Individuals polled also believe that lack of financial support is the biggest problem for public schools. Lack of funding received three times as many mentions compared to any other problem suggested.


Thirty-six percent of public school parents polled listed lack of funding as the biggest issue facing public schools.


You can read the rest of the poll results here, which also touches on the public’s reaction to Common Core, standardized tests and charter schools.

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