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S.D. lagging in state funding per-student according to study

A study released this month (October) by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) revealed South Dakota is one of 30 states receiving less state funding per-student, based on inflation adjustments, since 2008.


According to budget analysis completed by the CBPP and enrollment estimates from the National Center for Education Statistics, South Dakota’s public school districts receive 8.1 percent less state funding per-student based on inflation adjustments than they did in 2008.


South Dakota ranks behind North Dakota, which receives 31.6 percent more funding per-student, Wyoming (4 percent more), Minnesota (3.8 percent more) and Nebraska (1 percent more). The study noted information for Iowa was not available.


Compared to the four neighboring states, S.D. provides public school districts with $306 less per-student than the next closest neighboring state.


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