LAN Members needed for 2020 session


LAN Members needed for 2020 session

Advocating on behalf of our public school system is an important job and ASBSD’s Legislative Action Network (LAN) steps up to take on that task.


With the 2020 legislative session just two months away, we’re preparing for session by activating ASBSD LAN, which is designed to engage local school board members to communicate to legislators the positions of ASBSD and their local board on legislative issues relating to public schools.


Every school board appoints a board member, or board members should they want more than one, as its ASBSD LAN representative(s).


Download the LAN appointment form here.


During session, ASBSD will periodically request LAN members contact their state legislators and communicate the legislative stance of ASBSD and their local school district.


LAN members effectively advocate the legislative positions that benefit public schools by:

  • Maintaining dialogue with state policy-makers,
  • Staying informed about current education issues,
  • Contacting their legislators within a short period of time after receiving notice from ASBSD to advocate on behalf of their local board,
  • Providing specific information to legislators from their local district perspective,
  • Informing fellow board members of the relationship between state policy and public schools.


ASBSD plans to hold four, free ASBSD LAN Update webinars scheduled from 7 to 10 p.m. for LAN members to discuss their role as a LAN member, advocating strategies and provide updates from the 2020 legislative session. The webinars are scheduled for:

Only business managers can register multiple people from their district for an event. All other individuals will only be able to register themselves. Click here for ASBSD Event Registration Information for Individuals.


“As the elected leaders in public education, it’s imperative for school board members to be active participants in advocacy,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “We need each district to appoint a LAN Member and stay engaged in advocating for public education.”


Download the LAN appointment form here.


If you have questions about LAN or the training event, please contact Tyler Pickner at or at 605-773-8382 or 605-881-3791.

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