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Legistlative action from last week

House Bill 1113: A bill that would make digital text communication (i.e. email, text message, online conversations) an open record if it includes discussion of official business among a quorum of board members passed the House State Affairs committee by a 7-6 vote. The committee amended the bill to exclude the scheduling of meetings via digital communication official business. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


House Bill 1114: The House State Affairs committee deferred the bill to the 41st legislative day on a 13-0 vote. The bill would have required any defamatory information about an individual employed, seeking employment, etc. by a public body be confirmed before it can be publicized.


Senate Bill 78: A bill that exempts bus drivers from physical requirements of transporting passengers unless required by their employer passed the Senate Transportation committee by a 7-0 vote. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.
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