ASBSD Bill Tracker

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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1007Requires certain adjustments to the assessed value of ag. land to be documented.MonitorHouse Taxation1/15/2020
House Bill 1031Revises certain provisions regarding school district fiduciary funds.MonitorHouse floor1/124/2020
House Bill 1032Revises BOE authority related to certification rules.MonitorHouse floor1/24/2020
House Bill 1042Sets the Special Education levy and disability level funding for FY 2021.SupportHouse1/14/2020
House Bill 1043Sets the School District General Fund levy, target teacher salary and overhead rate for FY 2021.MonitorHouse1/14/2020
House Bill 1062Increases the financial empowerment of state residents.MonitorHouse Education1/21/2020
House Bill 1064Restricts certain vapor products.SupportHouse Health1/17/2020
House Bill 1078Exempts firearms from sales tax.OpposeHouse1/23/2020
House Comm. 8002Commends and honors the 2018-19 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota.SupportEnrolled1/21/2020
Senate Bill 31Revises and repeals certain SDRS provisions.MonitorHouse1/24/2020
Senate Bill 39Creates Jobs for SD's Graduates program and special donation fund.MonitorSenate floor1/23/2020
Senate Bill 57Permits certain ag land to be classified as noncropland.OpposeKilled1/24/2020
Senate Bill 59Protects teaching of certain scientific information.OpposeSenate Education1/21/2020
Senate Bill 66Creates and funds Oceti Sakowin charter schools.OpposeSenate Education1/22/2020
Senate Bill 67Amends the Capital Outlay levy for sparse school districts.MonitorSenate Taxation1/23/2020