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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1001Requires the recalculation of the special education disability levels' amount allocation to take place every two years.SupportSigned by Gov.3/7/2019
House Bill 1011Revises certain provisions relating to SDRS.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/13/2019
House Bill 1019Requires the state and political subdivisions to pursue recoverable litigation costs.MonitorKilled1/25/2019
House Bill 1021Requires unsuccessful bid bonds be immediately destroyed by the purchasing agency.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/4/2019
House Bill 1026Revises publication requirements for local elections.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/8/2019
House Bill 1028Revises certain provisions regarding professional counselors and marriage and family therapists.MonitorKilled2/25/2019
House Bill 1040Revises provisions for alternative instruction students to receive the opportunity scholarship.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/13/2019
House Bill 1044Authorizes enrollment in a school district to which a students' family is locating to, due to military transfer.SupportSigned by Gov.2/8/2019
House Bill 1048Permits a school board to discuss and deliberate school safety plans, and other provisions, in executive session.SupportSigned by Gov.2/13/2019
House Bill 1051Establishes the South Dakota state seal of civics literacy program.MonitorKilled1/29/2019
House Bill 1058Requires the provision of certain services regarding special education to students receiving alternative instruction.OpposeKilled 1/30/2019
House Bill 1065Removes assessment requirement for students receiving alternative instruction.OpposeKilled1/30/2019
House Bill 1066Requires students to take a civics test before graduating from high school.SupportKilled3/7/2019
House Bill 1083Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1084Adds any new affordable housing structure specifically classified for the purposes of taxation.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
House Bill 1086Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/13/2019
House Bill 1100Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/5/2019
House Bill 1108Prohibits gender dysphoria instruction in public schools.OpposeKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1109Repeals other revenue equalization.MonitorKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1113Requires policy adoption related to what a teacher can discuss in the classroomOpposeKilled2/11/2019
House Bill 1116Prohibits certain physical exams or screenings on students without parental consent.OpposeKilled2/14/2019
House Bill 1125Creates the property tax relief fund and transfers unobligated cash balance amounts.MonitorKilled2/12/2019
House Bill 1127Includes two-year averaging in the fall enrollment calculation for state aid.SupportKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1131Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1132Relates to provisions regarding emergency involuntary commitment.MonitorKilled3/7/2019
House Bill 1139Repeals the $2,800 cap on the Capital Outlay fund and permits a school district to levy up to $3 per $1,000 of valuation, annually.SupportKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1140Prohibits any high school interscholastic activities association from restricting or prohibiting broadcasting of high school activities.MonitorKilled2/13/2019
House Bill 1141Increases the cap on the Capital Outlay fund to $3,800.SupportKilled2/21/2019
House Bill 1144Revises provisions of transportation of open enrolled students.MonitorKilled2/19/2019
House Bill 1149Appropriates $500,000 for the Native American achievement schools grant program.MonitorKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1151Permits certain acts at a school honoring or graduation ceremony.OpposeKilled2/13/2019
House Bill 1155Adds social workers to list of professionals required to follow privileged communications with students statute.SupportSigned by Gov.3/21/2019
House Bill 1163Creates the Tax Revenue Study Task Force to study tax revenue in this state.MonitorKilled1/31/2019
House Bill 1167Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/14/2019
House Bill 1168Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1169Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1172Provides for cooperation with federal officials in matters of immigration.MonitorKilled2/25/2019
House Bill 1175Establishes the Early Learning Advisory Council.SupportKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1195Revises provisions regarding commitment of a child adjudicated as delinquent.MonitorKilled3/7/2019
House Bill 1220Implements two student count time periods.OpposeKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1222Vehicle BilMonitorKilled2/14/2019
House Bill 1225Requires student gender be determined by what is stated on the student's birth certificate.OpposeKilled2/25/2019
House Bill 1227Distributes a portion of rural electric tax revenue to non-public schools.OpposeKilled2/8/2019
House Bill 1232Lowers the compulsory age for school attendance to 16.OpposeKilled2/25/2019
House Bill 1235Amends parental consent requirement for the collection of certain info by schools.OpposeKilled2/6/2019
House Bill 1247Amends graduation requirements and creates new "optional high school curriculum" track.OpposeKilled2/20/2019
House Bill 1249Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/22/2019
House Bill 1265Adjusts the Partridge Amendment and permits review of remote seller tax revenue before lowering sales tax.SupportKilled3/12/2019
House Bill 1270Protects teaching of certain scientific information.OpposeKilled2/25/2019
HCR 1002Requests policy adoption related to what a teacher can discuss in the classroomOpposeKilled2/19/2019
HCR 1003Instructs DOE to conduct a study of graduation requirements.OpposeKilled2/20/2019
HJR 1003Places on ballot a request to transfer dollars from the unclaimed property fund to the general fund.MonitorKilled3/4/2019
Senate Bill 1Establishes the Extraordinary Cost Oversight Board in state statute and amends membership.SupportSigned by Gov.3/15/2019
Senate Bill 2Sets the amount of funding available for the Extraordinary Cost Fund.MonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 3Creates the Special Education Interim Study to study special education in South Dakota.SupportSigned by Gov.3/20/2019
Senate Bill 4Revises certain provisions regarding the classification of ag land for property tax purposes.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/20/2019
Senate Bill 8Provides for a statewide resource information system to assist individuals dealing with mental or physical health or substance abuse issues.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 9Revises the Servicemember Firearms Protection Act.MonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 23Revises references to repealed or obsolete provisions related to DOE.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/11/2019
Senate Bill 24Revises certain provisions relating to state assessments.MonitorKilled1/28/2019
Senate Bill 49Voids the SDHSAA policy on transgender student participation and requires student gender be determined by what is stated on the student's birth certificate.MonitorKilled1/24/2019
Senate Bill 52Requires schools to provide information for a survey of the adequacy of S.D. civics education.OpposeKilled3/7/2019
Senate Bill 55Requires public schools to display the national motto of the United States in a prominent location in their buildings with, at minimum, a 12"x12" display, includes a hold harmless clause.OpposeSigned by Gov.3/19/2019
Senate Bill 59Prohibits the state or a political subdivision from including a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement in a settlement.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/21/2019
Senate Bill 60Requires the DPS Secretary to provide recommendations to the Legislature on a statewide threat assessment plan for schools.MonitorKilled1/31/2019
Senate Bill 67Revises provisions regarding commitment of a child adjudicated as delinquent.SupportKilled2/21/2019
Senate Bill 84Permits a school district to possess and, if needed, administer opioid antagonists.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/11/2019
Senate Bill 86Provides a mechanism to lower the sales tax rate if revenue collection provisions are reached.OpposeKilled3/7/2019
Senate Bill 87Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 88Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 90Revises financial interest statement submission requirements for elected officials.SupportSigned by Gov.3/1/2019
Senate Bill 91Revises open meeting requirements.SupportSigned by Gov.3/21/2019
Senate Bill 96Amends language in tax credit scholarship programMonitorSigned by Gov.3/19/2019
Senate Bill 112Expands categorization of noncropland.OpposeKilled2/12/2019
Senate Bill 116Creates the Dakota Promise fund and appropriates grant fundingMonitorKilled3/7/2019
Senate Bill 125Appropriates an additional $1 million to the literacy intervention program in the FY 2019 budgetMonitorKilled2/14/2019
Senate Bill 132Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 133Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 141Requires state assessments also be offered in paper format.MonitorKilled2/7/2019
Senate Bill 146Revises certain provisions regarding licenses for speech-language pathology services.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 151Revises the course requirements for the opportunity scholarship.MonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 152Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2019
Senate Bill 160Repeals Partridge Amendment and lowers tax on food.MonitorKilled2/20/2019
Senate Bill 162Requires local governments to hold bond votes in even numbered years on specific dates.OpposeKilled2/11/2019
Senate Bill 167Establishes a task force to study the crime of ingestion of controlled substances.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 172Makes an appropriation for costs related to disasters in the state and to declare an emergency.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 179Revises the property tax levies for the general fund of school districts and for state aid. SupportSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 182Revises the special education property tax levy for school districts and the special education formula.SupportSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Bill 188Revises certain provisions regarding state tests.MonitorKilled3/7/2019
Senate Bill 191Appropriates funds for the FY2020 general fund budget.SupportSigned by Gov.3/27/2019
Senate Comm. 7Commends Parker School District Board of Education on selection as the ASBSD School Board Award of Excellence recipient for 2018.SupportEnrolled1/23/2019
Senate Comm. 8Commends the 2017-2018 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota.SupportEnrolled1/24/2019
Senate Comm. 9Commends Wilmot School Board President Denise Lutkemeier for being selected as ASBSD's Outstanding School Board Member of South Dakota for 2018.SupportEnrolled1/24/2019
SCR 1Urges Congress to increase federal funding for special education.SupportEnrolled1/11/2019
SCR 2Provides for legislative task forces to study, report, and develop and consider recommendations and legislation to improve mental health services in the state.MonitorEnrolled1/16/2019