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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1016Revises the methodology for calculating the cost of living adjustment for South Dakota Retirement System benefits, to revise reporting conditions, and to provide uniform terminology.MonitorSigned by Gov2/9/2017
House Bill 1017Revises the definition of compensation for purposes of the South Dakota Retirement System, to provide a penalty for falsely reporting compensation, and to update references to the Internal Revenue Code.MonitorSigned by Gov2/9/2017
House Bill 1018Revises the computation of final average compensation for benefits relating to the South Dakota Retirement System.MonitorSigned by Gov2/9/2017
House Bill 1021Revises certain provisions regarding the education provided for children in certain residential treatment centers.SupportSigned by Gov2/16/2017
House Bill 1022Repeals certain provisions relating to education service agencies.MonitorSigned by Gov2/9/2017
House Bill 1036Requires local election official to notify county auditor of any external boundary changes prior to local election. MonitorSigned by Gov2/16/2017
House Bill 1052Provides certain protections for public employees who report violations of law.MonitorSigned by Gov3/10/2017
House Bill 1106Creates a leased residential property classification.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
House Bill 1109Prohibits the use of handheld electronic wireless devices by school bus drivers.MonitorKilled2/28/2017
House Bill 1110Revises certain provisions regarding school bus stop violations. SupportSigned by Gov3/7/2017
House Bill 1111Revises the calculation for education funding to use a district's fall enrollment or the average of the fall enrollment from the previous two years.SupportKilled2/15/2017
House Bill 1112Revises certain provisions related to construction managers on certain public improvement projects. OpposeSigned by Gov3/13/2017
House Bill 1114Vehicle bill to accommodate legislation on medical services.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
House Bill 1115Vehicle bill to enhance South Dakota.MonitorKilled2/22/2017
House Bill 1119Lowers the state sales tax on certain food items and increases the sales tax on certain goods and services.MonitorKilled2/7/2017
House Bill 1121Separates the collective bargaining units of K-12 teachers and postsecondary technical institute instructors.MonitorKilled2/22/2017
House Bill 1122Clarifies provisions regarding the process to be excused from public school attendance.MonitorSigned by Gov3/7/2017
House Bill 1123Revises certain provisions for participation of home school students in certain interscholastic activities.OpposeKilled2/6/2017
House Bill 1125Permits transparency for the public to see certain information relating to the partners in education tax credit program. SupportKilled2/8/2017
House Bill 1131Triggers reduction process of sales tax based on collection and remission of sales tax from online sellers.OpposeKilled2/7/2017
House Bill 1133Requires a school district to adopt a policy to provide for students with specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia.MonitorKilled2/28/2017
House Bill 1134Provides certain protection to state and local government employees who disclose information in good faith.MonitorKilled2/3/2017
House Bill 1137Vehicle bill to accommodate legislation relating to education in South Dakota.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
House Bill 1149Revises the tax on certain telecomm services and devices.MonitorKilled3/27/2017
House Bill 1157Creates the agriculture future development fund.MonitorKilled3/9/2017
House Bill 1158Revises the calculation for education funding to use a district's fall enrollment or the average of the fall enrollment from the previous two years.SupportKilled2/15/2017
House Bill 1161Repeals the requirement for certain township, municipal, and school district fiscal reports to be submitted to county auditors.MonitorSigned by Gov3/6/2017
House Bill 1165Requires school board members and candidates, from districts with an enrollment of 2,000 students or more, to file financial interest statements.MonitorSigned by Gov3/10/2017
House Bill 1166Requires terms of any settlement of civil or criminal proceedings be public unless made confidential by court order.MonitorKilled2/8/2017
House Bill 1169Updates certain standards and other provisions relating to managed health care plans if the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed.MonitorKilled2/9/2017
House Bill 1170Amends the conflict of interest disclosure law.SupportSigned by Gov3/14/2017
House Bill 1172Revises provisions to maintain funding for the building South Dakota fund.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
House Bill 1173Revises distribution percentages for the building South Dakota fund.MonitorSigned by Gov3/14/2017
House Bill 1184Exempts certain persons working in technical institutes from collective bargaining provisions.MonitorSigned by Gov3/13/2017
House Bill 1188Hoghoused bill: accommodates legislation to promote ag development.MonitorKilled2/23/2017
House Bill 1196Hoghoused bill: prohibits the unauthorized use of electronic listening or recording devices in classrooms.SupportKilled2/22/2017
House Bill 1199Repeals the lottery and certain gambling in South Dakota.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
H.C.R. 1003Encourages school districts to provide for an annual academic scholarship signing day in schools.MonitorEnrolled1/26/2017
Senate Bill 7Adjusts criteria determining classification of ag land.MonitorSigned by Gov3/9/2017
Senate Bill 27Prohibits public officials from misusing their position for personal gain, provides a penalty therefor and implements a grievance process for reporting misuse. MonitorSigned by Gov3/14/2017
Senate Bill 33Provides zero percent increase to the special education fund levy and disability level allocations.MonitorKilled3/27/2017
Senate Bill 35Provides 0.3 percent increase in funding for general education fund and special education fund levies, sets average teacher salary target at 48,645 and increases the overhead rate for additional salary and benefit costs. MonitorSigned by Gov3/16/2017
Senate Bill 55Protects the teaching of certain scientific information.OpposeKilled2/22/2017
Senate Bill 60Revises certain provisions regarding the sale of consumers power district assets.MonitorSigned by Gov3/13/2017
Senate Bill 65Establishes the South Dakota Board of Technical Education and revises certain provisions for CTE and tech institutes.SupportSigned by Gov2/24/2017
Senate Bill 66Classifies certain ag land as riparian buffer strips, sets criteria for riparian buffer strip and sets tax.MonitorSigned by Gov3/8/2017
Senate Bill 83Revises certain provisions relating to the criteria for informal adjustment for any apparent child in need of supervision.MonitorSigned by Gov3/7/2017
Senate Bill 84Provides for the suspension of the probationary period for juvenile probationers under certain conditions.MonitorSigned by Gov3/10/2017
Senate Bill 85Permits exemption of certain students from academic assessment tests.OpposeKilled2/22/2017
Senate Bill 88Revises the definition of an electric transmission facility.MonitorSigned by Gov3/10/2017
Senate Bill 89Makes a public entity liable for civil damages resulting from injury caused by a crime of
violence on their propertyRevises certain provisions concerning if they prohibit firearms.
Senate Bill 92Changes the year a school district is required to bring general fund reserves down to a certain percentage from 2018 to 2020 tests.SupportKilled3/2/2017
Senate Bill 96Requires a minimum amount of paid sick leave for employees.MonitorKilled2/6/2017
Senate Bill 103Revises certain provisions concerning the process for truancy citations and formal petitions.SupportSigned by Gov3/13/2017
Senate Bill 105Reduces the excise tax imposed on the gross receipts from sale, resale, or lease of certain ag equipment.MonitorKilled2/8/2017
Senate Bill 106Lowers the amount of collection allowance than can be retained by retailers in order to balance the FY 18 budget or appropriate dollars for the Building S.D. fund.MonitorKilled3/7/2017
Senate Bill 107Vehicle bill to accommodate legislation on medical services.MonitorKilled2/8/2017
Senate Bill 108Vehicle bill to accommodate legislation relating to education in South Dakota.MonitorKilled2/21/2017
Senate Bill 109Provides certain criteria for meeting the ownership requirements for classifying dwellings as owner-occupied property.MonitorSigned by Gov3/6/2017
Senate Bill 110Establishes a tuition reimbursement program for certain teachers who teach in rural school districts.MonitorKilled2/7/2017
Senate Bill 112Allows school boards to refer the decision to change the number of school days in the week to district voters.SupportKilled2/7/2017
Senate Bill 115Restricts access to certain Revises certain provisions concerning locker rooms, shower rooms and changing facilities in public schools.OpposeKilled1/31/2017
Senate Bill 125Revises the list of organizations that may approve and accredit a nonpublic school.MonitorKilled3/6/2017
Senate Bill 126Hoghoused bill: repeals Common Core Standards and replaces with standards from Massachusetts.OpposeKilled2/16/2017
Senate Bill 132Revises the eligibility requirements for the opportunity scholarship program.MonitorKilled2/14/2017
Senate Bill 134Prohibits the use of public school resources to advocate for an outcome in any partisan election or legislative vote. OpposeKilled2/23/2017
Senate Bill 140Requires schools to provide instruction in hands-only CPR.SupportSigned by Gov3/10/2017
Senate Bill 144Provides for the Servicemember Firearms Protection Act.MonitorKilled3/1/2017
Senate Bill 155Establishes and appropriates funds for an early childhood education pilot program.SupportKilled2/9/2017
Senate Bill 156Establishes the South Dakota Early Learning Advisory Council.SupportKilled2/9/2017
Senate Bill 159Appropriates $1 million for the paraprofessional tuition assistance scholarship program.SupportKilled2/7/2017
Senate Bill 165Vehicle bill to establish consultation protocols between DOE and tribal government officials.MonitorKilled2/6/2017
Senate Bill 175Appropriates money from the state's general fund.MonitorKilled3/10/2017
Senate Bill 178Appropriates money from the state's general fund. MonitorSigned by Gov3/16/2017
Senate Bill 177Revises certain provisions for participation of home school students in certain interscholastic activities.OpposeKilled2/21/2017
Senate Comm. 2Commends and honors members of the Aberdeen School Board on receiving the Associated School Board Award of Excellence for 2016.SupportEnrolled1/25/2017
Senate Comm. 3Commends and honors Stanley County School Board Member Sarah Carter on her selection as the Outstanding School Board Member of South Dakota for 2016.SupportEnrolled1/25/2017