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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1001Requires the recalculation of the special education disability levels' amount allocation to take place every two years.SupportSenate Education1/17/2019
House Bill 1011Revises certain provisions relating to SDRS.MonitorHouse Retirement1/8/2019
House Bill 1019Requires the state and political subdivisions to pursue recoverable litigation costs.MonitorHouse Commerce1/8/2019
House Bill 1021Requires unsuccessful bid bonds be immediately destroyed by the purchasing agency.MonitorHouse Commerce1/8/2019
House Bill 1026Revises publication requirements for local elections.MonitorHouse floor1/17/2019
House Bill 1040Revises provisions for alternative instruction students to receive the opportunity scholarship.MonitorSenate Education1/16/2019
House Bill 1044Authorizes enrollment in a school district to which a students' family is locating to, due to military transfer.MonitorHouse Education1/14/2019
House Bill 1048Permits a school board to discuss and deliberate school safety plans, and other provisions, in executive session.SupportHouse State Affairs1/14/2019
House Bill 1051Establishes the South Dakota state seal of civics literacy program.MonitorHouse Education1/15/2019
Senate Bill 1Establishes the Extraordinary Cost Oversight Board in state statute and amends membership.SupportSenate floor1/17/2019
Senate Bill 2Establishes the Extraordinary Cost Oversight Board in state statute and amends its membership.SupportJoint Appropriations1/8/2019
Senate Bill 3Creates the Special Education Task Force to further examine special education in South Dakota.SupportSenate Education1/8/2019
Senate Bill 4Revises certain provisions regarding the classification of ag land for property tax purposes.MonitorSenate Taxation1/8/2019
Senate Bill 8Provides for a statewide resource information system to assist individuals dealing with mental or physical health or substance abuse issues.MonitorSenate State Affairs1/8/2019
Senate Bill 9Revises the Servicemember Firearms Protection Act.MonitorSenate Military & Veteran Affairs1/15/2019
Senate Bill 23Revises references to repealed or obsolete provisions related to DOE.MonitorHouse1/16/2019
Senate Bill 24Revises certain provisions relating to state assessments.MonitorHouse1/17/2019
Senate Bill 49Voids the SDHSAA policy on transgender student participation and requires student gender be determined by what is stated on the student's birth certificate.MonitorSenate Education1/14/2019
Senate Bill 52Requires half-credit of civics education be added to current Social Studies credit requirements for HS graduation.OpposeSenate Education1/16/2019
Senate Bill 55Requires the national motto of the United States to be displayed in public schools.MonitorSenate1/17/2019
Senate Comm. 7Commends Parker School District Board of Education on selection as the ASBSD School Board Award of Excellence recipient for 2018.SupportSenate1/17/2019
SCR 1Urges Congress to increase federal funding for special education.SupportEnrolled1/11/2019
SCR 2Provides for legislative task forces to study, report, and develop and consider recommendations and legislation to improve mental health services in the state.MonitorEnrolled1/16/2019