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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1044Revises the general fund bill for FY2018 with 0.7 percent in one-time money for schools. SupportSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
House Bill 1045Transfers $5.8 million from the budget reserve fund to balance the FY2018 budget.SupportSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
House Bill 1055Revises the special education property tax levy and adjusts funding for disability levels.MonitorKilled3/8/2018
House Bill 1056Provides one percent increase in ongoing dollars for schools and revises the property tax levies for special education and the general fund of school districts, sets the target teacher salary for 2019, adjusts the overhead rate and adjusts funding for disability levels. SupportSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
House Bill 1091Revises certain requirements for a legal newspaper.MonitorKilled1/22/2018
House Bill 1099Revises certain provisions regarding dual education credit. MonitorSigned by the Governor2/22/2018
House Bill 1100Requires a name be printed on public contracts.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/5/2018
House Bill 1114Establishes certain requirements for students enrolling in resident school districts or assigned schools after participating in open enrollment.SupportSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
House Bill 1120Permits students receiving alternative instruction be deemed academically eligible by complying with alternative instruction requirements and allowed to participate in activities sponsored by the SDHSAA or school districts. OpposeKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1128Revises certain provisions regarding increases in teacher compensation. OpposeKilled2/22/2018
House Bill 1135Permits school districts to use two-year averaging when calculating enrollment for state aid purposes. SupportKilled2/2/2018
House Bill 1141Revises the publication requirements for school districts with an enrollment of less than 600.SupportKilled2/1/2018
House Bill 1142Revises the publication requirements for certain counties, municipalities and school districts.SupportKilled2/1/2018
House Bill 1143Revises certain provisions regarding the tax exemption of certain school owned property. SupportSigned by the Governor2/22/2018
House Bill 1144Authorizes a public body to conduct certain deliberations in executive session.SupportKilled2/5/2018
House Bill 1145Provides for subpoena power for certain legislative committees.MonitorKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1155Creates provisions regarding the language development of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/12/2018
House Bill 1165Repeals provision providing for a pilot charter school for Native American students.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
House Bill 1166Provides the Joint or Interim Appropriations committee the power to approve, amend or deny teacher compensation waivers.SupportSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
House Bill 1172Revises certain provisions regarding meetings of certain public bodies. OpposeSigned by the Governor3/22/2018
House Bill 1178Requires certain entities to cover entire publishing cost of audit report notice in newspaper.OpposeSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
House Bill 1182Provides certain protection to state and local government employees regarding the disclosure of information in good faith.MonitorKilled2/2/2018
House Bill 1187Adjusts grant performance measurements.MonitorKilled2/13/2018
House Bill 1189Revises certain provisions and penalties regarding inducements for school attendance and overreporting of school enrollment.OpposeKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1191Provides the State-Tribal Relations Committee certain subpoena power.MonitorKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1192Introduces a vehicle bill.MonitorKilled3/6/2018
House Bill 1193Introduces a vehicle bill.MonitorKilled2/22/2018
House Bill 1194Allows students to be excused from participating in certain assessments, examinations, and tests.OpposeKilled2/5/2018
House Bill 1197Prohibits public school administrators from participating in collective bargaining.OpposeKilled2/2/2018
House Bill 1198Prohibits school districts from compensating official labor union representatives or negotiators.MonitorKilled2/5/2018
House Bill 1211Requires all property tax opt out decisions be referred to a vote. OpposeKilled2/2/2018
House Bill 1215Revises certain provisions regarding reorganization of certain school districts with low enrollment.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
House Bill 1221Expands the partners in education tax credit program. OpposeSigned by the Governor3/22/2018
House Bill 1226Revises certain provisions regarding tax compacts with Indian tribes.OpposeKilled2/13/2018
House Bill 1232Requires only students to pay for dual education courses.OpposeKilled2/8/2018
House Bill 1239Revises certain provisions regarding the inspection and copying of public records.OpposeKilled2/5/2018
House Bill 1240Revises certain provisions regarding C/O funding for schools.SupportKilled2/21/2018
House Bill 1242Provides for freedom of expression for students in school-sponsored media.OpposeKilled2/7/2018
House Bill 1252Prohibits certain government entities from prohibiting any person from wearing traditional tribal regalia or objects of cultural significance at a school honoring or graduation ceremony. SupportSigned by the Governor3/22/2018
House Bill 1253Requires schools to provide instruction on South Dakota's tribal history, culture, and government.MonitorKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1256Revises certain provisions regarding the age at which children shall begin school.OpposeKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1260Provides certain provisions regarding cooperation with federal agencies by localities in the state.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1262Excludes certain funds from the calculation of local effort in the state aid to education formula.MonitorKilled2/8/2018
House Bill 1263Increases the allowable general fund cash balances for school districts.MonitorKilled2/20/2018
House Bill 1271Revises certain provisions regarding the carrying of certain guns on certain premises.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
House Bill 1272Revises certain provisions regarding a certificate of excuse for school attendance.OpposeKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1276Provides a property tax exemption to parents of certain students receiving alternative instruction.OpposeKilled2/20/2018
House Bill 1279Begins process of appealing video lotteryOpposeKilled2/15/2018
House Bill 1290Provides for disclosure of certain contents of public-private partnership agreements and to provide a penalty for failure to disclose.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1296Requires each school board to establish a policy on the use of certain school district facilities by transgender persons.OpposeKilled2/12/2018
House Bill 1297Revises certain provisions regarding capital outlay obligations.SupportSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
House Bill 1298Allows certain school districts to become nonpublic districts.OpposeKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1299Revises certain provisions regarding the lawful possession of firearms in certain locations.OpposeKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1303Prohibits certain incentives and punishments in association with school surveys, and to impose a penalty therefor.OpposeKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1307Appropriates funding for Fiscal Year 2019MonitorKilled3/9/2018
House Bill 1309Provides for a periodic review of the sales and use tax exemptions.MonitorKilled2/21/2018
House Bill 1312Establishes the Tax Revenue Study Task Force to study tax revenue in this state.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
House Bill 1314Permits school districts to use two-year averaging when calculating enrollment for state aid purposes with the greater of the two figures being utilized.SupportKilled2/8/2018
House Bill 1315Vehicle bill related to education fundingMonitorKilled2/21/2018
House Bill 1316Requires approval of certain federal grants.MonitorKilled2/13/2018
House Bill 1318Authorizes the South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority to transfer or grant excess reserves to any South Dakota governmental entity.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/12/2018
House Bill 1320Appropriates funding for Fiscal Year 2019. SupportSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
HCR 1001Calls for statewide recognition of the migration of many young people from our state and urging state and local officials to take steps to counter that action and attract new residents to our state.MonitorKilled2/15/2018
HCR 1002Recognizing the great need and offering support for additional mental health services in western South Dakota.SupportEnrolled1/24/2018
HC 1010Commends and honors Neil Putnam, a member of the Mitchell School Board, on his selection as the ASBSD 2017 Outstanding School Board Member of South Dakota.SupportEnrolled1/23/2018
Senate Bill 3Increases the amount of unobligated cash that may be transferred to the building South Dakota fund after the end of a fiscal year.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
Senate Bill 4Revises certain provisions relating to the contractor's excise tax revenues that are deposited into the building South Dakota fund.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
Senate Bill 5Allows certain workforce housing projects to collect a credit or refund of the sales tax and/or contractor's excise tax.MonitorKilled1/17/2018
Senate Bill 19Revises certain provisions regarding lease-purchase agreements for a local education agency.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
Senate Bill 36Revises certain provisions regarding SDRS.MonitorSigned by the Governor2/15/2018
Senate Bill 37Revises the automatic enrollment provisions of the deferred compensation plan of SDRS.MonitorSigned by the Governor2/15/2018
Senate Bill 46Requires school districts to adopt a policy limiting the use of restraint and seclusion. SupportSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
Senate Bill 58Revises certain provisions regarding tax increment financing districts.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/7/2018
Senate Bill 62Requires notification be provided when there's been a certain breach of data and to provide a penalty therefor.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
Senate Bill 66Requires school boards to post information related to school district elections within their board minutes.OpposeSigned by the Governor2/12/2018
Senate Bill 78Adds the chairs of the Senate and House committees on education to State Board of Education as ex-officio members.MonitorKilled1/30/2018
Senate Bill 81Revises certain provisions regarding the building South Dakota fund and the programs funded.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/21/2018
Senate Bill 83Authorizes certain patriotic societies access to public schools. SupportSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
Senate Bill 84Prohibits the state of South Dakota or any political subdivision from entering into a settlement agreement that includes a nondisclosure or confidentiality clause. OpposeKilled2/28/2018
Senate Bill 86Revises certain requirements for a governing body when selling surplus property through a real estate broker.SupportSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
Senate Bill 87Revises certain provisions regarding possession of firearms in certain locations.OpposeKilled1/31/2018
Senate Bill 89Establishes term limits for members of the State Board of Education Standards.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
Senate Bill 94Permits students receiving alternative instruction to be eligible for the opportunity scholarship.MonitorVetoed3/23/2018
Senate Bill 100Establishes certain provisions related to grant monitoring and review. SupportSigned by the Governor3/22/2018
Senate Bill 102Revises certain provisions defining gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials.MonitorKilled2/2/2018
Senate Bill 106Establishes certain provisions regarding the placement of a foster child with a relative or close family friend.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/6/2018
Senate Bill 113Revises certain provisions regarding guaranteed energy savings contracts.MonitorKilled1/30/2018
Senate Bill 117Revises certain provisions regarding the partners in education tax credit program..OpposeSigned by the Governor3/8/2018
Senate Bill 125Clarifies the authority of GOAC to issue a subpoena.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/23/2018
Senate Bill 130Appropriates $5 million to the building South Dakota Fund with 30 percent of the funding going to the workforce education fund.SupportKilled2/8/2018
Senate Bill 131Appropriates $1 million for each of the next four fiscal years for the CTE Consortium Fund.SupportKilled2/13/2018
Senate Bill 132Establishes the Early Learning Advisory Council.SupportKilled2/20/2018
Senate Bill 134Provides funding to the education enhancement trust fund for the purpose of funding needs-for based grants.MonitorKilled2/8/2018
Senate Bill 138Revises apportionment of wind energy tax revenue to school districts.MonitorKilled2/6/2018
Senate Bill 142Allows for the referendum of a school board decision related to installment purchase contracts, lease purchase contracts, or capitol outlay certificates.OpposeKilled2/8/2018
Senate Bill 143Authorizes any contributing member of the state retirement plan to be a participating member of the state health plan.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
Senate Bill 145Revises certain provisions related to claims regarding workers' compensation.SupportKilled2/13/2018
Senate Bill 148Revises the list of organizations that may approve and accredit a nonpublic school.MonitorSigned by the Governor3/13/2018
Senate Bill 150Provides property tax relief through the creation of the property tax relief fund.MonitorKilled2/15/2018
Senate Bill 159Revises the designated use of the additional net revenue from sales taxes collected from certain remote sellers.MonitorKilled2/12/2018
Senate Bill 160Makes revisions to student assessment requirements.OpposeKilled2/15/2018
Senate Bill 162Prohibits school lunch shaming. SupportKilled2/21/2018
Senate Bill 177Requires an annual increase in certain state employee pay by an increase in the consumer price index.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
Senate Bill 181Provides for the Servicemember Firearms Protection Act.MonitorKilled2/23/2018
Senate Bill 192Provides for the disclosure of certain documents and records of public officials.MonitorKilled2/7/2018
Senate Bill 193Requires certain local governmental units to cooperate with federal agencies and to provide a penalty therefor.MonitorKilled2/23/2018
Senate Bill 202Requires posting of certain notice on certain public restrooms.MonitorKilled2/14/2018
Senate Bill 213Revises certain education funding provisions. SupportKilled2/22/2018
SCR 10Recognizing the need for and urging support for early childhood education in South Dakota.SupportKilled2/20/2018