2013 Joint Convention: The Tip of the Iceberg

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2013 Joint Convention: The Tip of the Iceberg

The following article will appear in the July Bulletin scheduled for publication tomorrow (6/28). Read the Bulletin and learn more about Joint Convention, school funding and  more.



By Pam Haukaas


Isn’t what we have always done in education good enough? Our kids are learning the material and we have decent test scores.


Actually, no; teachers have always struggled with how to reach every student with the curriculum appropriate for their learning level. Honestly, some kids “fell through the cracks.”


Now through the use of technology, the ability to meet each child’s educational needs is coming to fruition. Through digital tools, the teacher can be empowered to customize learning for each student.



The 2013 ASBSD and SASD Joint Convention’s agenda features many learning sessions, which touch upon many of the ideas discussed in the video above and represent the tip of the iceberg in education.


At convention you’ll learn about Mass Customized Learning, Blended Learning and Innovative Lab Schools through from some of the leading thinkers of teaching students in the digital age during the breakout sessions.


Dr. Julie Mathiesen and Dr. Jim Parry of TIE will highlight the exciting vision of customized learning where technology allows a teacher to meet the needs of each individual learner every day.



Another convention focus is on Blended Learning, which allows a student to learn content both online and through instruction. Blended learning appears to be the most popular implementation of customized learning, but there are many models of the blended approach.



Four schools in the Mid-Central Educational Cooperative are developing a model of problem/project based learning through South Dakota Innovative Lab Schools and representatives will share their vision at convention.



This is a new dawn in education that will be further explored at convention.


We have a set of standards, built on prior knowledge, that direct a consistent education for all students. We have a framework that guides best practices in the delivery of instruction along with the technology to personalize that instruction to meet every student at their appropriate learning level.


Hopefully you are ready to jump in and investigate the exciting future of education through the sessions offered at the ASBSD and SASD Joint Convention, August 8 & 9 in Sioux Falls.


I look forward to visiting with you at the Convention.

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