2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention sessions, schedule set

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2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention sessions, schedule set

The 2020 ASBSD-SASD Convention will be held virtually on Thursday, August 6 and will begin at 9 a.m. with a keynote speech from Devin Hughes of The Orange Frog group followed by 15 live breakout sessions covering a variety of topics and a panel discussion on the upcoming school year with state officials, with EACH session being recorded and available for all registrants to go back and watch after the event.


Look at the 2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention schedule here.


In addition, there will be 10 pre-recorded breakout sessions for all registrants to view on Convention day or at any time after the event.


This year’s Convention will cost $300 per district or cooperative with each district/cooperative registering able to provide the Convention link and password to anyone within their district/cooperative to attend the virtual event.



Each School District will register ONLY their superintendents and each Educational Cooperative will register ONLY their Executive Director for the 2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention, and superintendents and executive directors can register using this link and by following these instructions to complete the process.


Read about all the 2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention breakout sessions here.


As we approach the virtual Convention date, additional information about accessing the virtual Convention on August 6, as well as receiving ALL points and CEUs, after the event for those who attended.


If you have questions about registering your district’s superintendent or cooperative’s executive director, please contact Director of Communications Tyler Pickner at tpickner@asbsd.org.

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