A bill summary from the past week

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A bill summary from the past week

The spotlight was placed firmly on House Bill 1087, which would allow school boards to arm school employees, when it was introduced last week during legislative session.


HB 1087, which ASBSD opposes, will no doubt garner much of the attention this week, but in addition to it there were 11 more bills were introduced last week that ASBSD will be tracking. Here’s a recap of those bills:


Senate Bill 78: Revises provisions of medical requirements for bus drivers transporting passengers exempting them from the physical requirements unless required by their district. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


Senate Bill 79: Transfers funds from the Game, Fish and Parks fund to the permanent school fund for each acre of school land shown as public hunting land in a GFP published hunting atlas, map or other publication. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


Senate Bill 80: Repeals legislation requiring impact aid be accounted in the school’s general fund and allows the impact aid be accounted for in a separate fund. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


Senate Bill 91: Reduces contractor’s excise tax over a three year period before its full repeal in2016. ASBSD is monitoring the bill and the affect it could have on funding for K-12 education.


Senate Bill 96: Allows school districts with fewer than 100 K-12 students to remain open and autonomous, if it is exercising joint powers or intergovernmental cooperation in education with another school district.  ASBSD is in support of the bill.


Senate Bill 98: Revises immunization exemption requirements to encompass a student that has a “personal religious commitment” opposed to the immunization and planning to enter school or an early childhood education program. ASBSD will monitor the bill.


Senate Bill 99: Changes the term “opt out” to “instructional support levy” when school districts publish announcement of reference the additional property tax levy. ASBSD is in support of the bill.


House Bill 1064: Allows school districts to implement flexible spending accounts as part of health insurance plans, which includes the use of debit cards or direct deposits among other methods. Executive Director Wade Pogany testified in support of the bill, which passed through the House Education committee. ASBSD is in support of the bill.


House Bill 1108: Subjects committees appointed by a school board to open meetings laws. ASBSD opposes this bill.


House Bill 1113: Requires any digital communication (email, text message, etc.) involving a quorum of board members be subject to open meetings laws. ASBSD is monitoring this bill.


House Bill 1114: Requires any defamatory information about an individual, who is employed, seeking employment, etc., with a public body be confirmed before it can be publicized. ASBSD is monitoring this bill.


For updates on these bills and other legislation check the ASBSD blog and bill tracker often.


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