A study instead of a Sentinel?

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A study instead of a Sentinel?

The divisive House Bill 1087 will enter Senate State Affairs tomorrow morning proposing the implementation of a program that would arm school personnel and volunteers in and on school grounds, but could leave with a different look.


Currently, HB 1087 would allow school boards to establish a sentinel program pending the approval of a local law enforcement agency. Non-law enforcement agents filling the sentinel role would be required to complete 40-hours of firearms training. ASBSD opposes the bill.


A hoghouse amendment that would assemble a task force to study school safety policies and practices before the implementation of the proposed “Sentinel” program is expected to be introduced tomorrow.


ASBSD would support the formation of a task force.


“We owe it to our kids to carefully examine school safety policies and find the best practices available,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said.


“If the task force found that more guns in schools best ensured student safety, we would accept that. But, before we rush into anything we need to look at all options.”


For updates on the bill, check the ASBSD blog and bill tracker.

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