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ASBSD Awareness Campaign

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With legislative session concluding last week, the focus of our communication turns to a new campaign.


It’s a campaign we hope improves our information delivery, interactivity and overall awareness of what we do for you, the many school board members and administrators we serve.


It’s a campaign that requires ASBSD to take a bigger leap into the online world with an upgrade to our web page, a dedication to constant information dissemination through our blog and a voyage into social media, which includes the launch of our Facebook page, Twitter handle and YouTube channel.


It’s a campaign that’s going to increase our digital connection with you through online webinars and uploaded videos.


It’s also a campaign that’s going to require a commitment from you, our members. A commitment to make frequent visits to our website, bookmark our blog, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel when these options are available.


It’s not a campaign that’s going to require you to sign up for all of those services or maintain daily contact with each medium.


Ultimately, it’s a campaign we’re hoping will help make us your source for the latest information, commentary and training for K-12 education.


Check the blog and website for updates in the coming weeks as we launch different pieces and post information.

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