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ASBSD Legislative Roundup

“Sentinel” program bill focus of week


The second week of legislative session started out slow, but finished in a flurry punctuated by the introduction of House Bill 1087, which would giveschool boards “sole discretion” to create a “sentinel” program arming school officials in an attempt to increase school safety.


ASBSD opposes the bill. The association’s Standing Position on Safe and Secure Schools supports keeping “weapons” away from school grounds. In addition, we believe more firearms carried on school premises pose an increased risk to student safety.


“The proliferation of firearms in schools will cause a greater risk of safety to children than the threat it is intended to deter,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Schools have safety and emergency policies in place that are effective in creating a safe environment.”


HB 1087 was assigned to the House Education Committee and is scheduled for hearing on Wednesday, January 23 at 7:45 a.m. Pogany will testify against the bill at the meeting.


Bookmark the ASBSD blog for updates on HB 1087 and other legislation and check bill tracker for ASBSD’s position on a bill.

“Quotes” of note

(This week’s edition comes from a previous post from the Senate Education committee)


Senator Deb Soholt (14) said the current funding formula feels “like it’s in its own universe in relationship to where we really need to go with accountability.”


“Away from funding, how can we help districts meet the challenges for the mass customized learning approach we’re taking today,” Senator, and Committee Chair, J. Mark Johnston (12) said.


“I’m coming around to the issue of funding,” Senator Bruce Rampelberg (30) said. “When you start to pare off of who gets what, it sure seems to me that we really need to, as a state… increase the funding level that we have available to do these (DOE education outcomes) many things that you (Secretary Melody Schoop) are identifying.”


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