ASBSD Officers attend NSBA Conference

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ASBSD Officers attend NSBA Conference

ASBSD officers Pam Haukaas, Denise Lutkemeier, Randall Royer and Bev Banks attended the National School Board Association’s 73rd Annual Conference in San Diego last weekend.


“The conference was exciting,” ASBSD President Pam Haukaas said. “It highlighted how local school boards establish a structure and environment that allows all students to reach their full potential.”


Mitchell school board member Neil Putnam took his seat on the NSBA board representing the Western Region during conference. Putnam, a former ASBSD President, joined fellow NSBA Board of Directors for their meeting.


“It’s an honor to serve on the national board,” Neil said.


A highlight of the event was the gathering of delegates from across the country at the NSBA Delegate Assembly where delegate votes on the NSBA’s legislative resolutions. NSBA’s platform is focused on supporting public schools and outlines an agenda for working with Congress and the President.


Actress Geena Davis, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and education researcher Diane Ravitch headlined the NSBA Conference.


Conference also featured over 200 sessions on education topics, including federal legislation and funding, managing schools with tight budgets, the legal implications of recent court cases, the Common Core State Standards and school safety and security among other topics.


“I found the session demonstrating how technology as a tool transformed a school district particularly interesting and helpful,” Haukaas said.


ASBSD’s officers witnessed a special presentation the National 9/11 Flag. The flag made its last stop in San Diego before reaching its permanent display at the National September 11 Memorial Museum.


NSBA Vice President Ann Byrne put the last stitch in the flag in a ceremony presented by the 9/12 Generation Project.


“There are a lot of amazing things happening in education around the country, and school board members were able to see some of the best examples” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Our board members picked up a variety of ideas they will take back and use in their local schools.”

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