ASBSD School Board U launches next week

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ASBSD School Board U launches next week

ASBSD is excited to announce a new training opportunity for school board members.


On Monday, July 7, we will launch ASBSD School Board U, an online training site for board members to train in four courses – School Board Governance, Fiscal Responsibility, Strategic Planning, Ethical School Board Service and a New Board Member Workshop. Visit to see the training site.


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“This is an exciting development for school board members and ASBSD,” Executive Director Wade Pogany. “Board training doesn’t have to be an event now; with School Board U it can be completed when and where individual board members choose.”


Developed by the Georgia School Board Association and hosted by their affiliate, eBoardSolutions, School Board U allows school board members to complete training individually, at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.


If you are a new school board member or if your fellow board members have previously completed training in one of these courses, ASBSD School Board U will cover your training needs. (Please note: ASBSD will continue to do in-person training for school boards.)


Veteran board members looking to review or gain new knowledge in Board Governance, Fiscal Responsibility and/or Strategic Planning can also do so through ASBSD School Board U.


School board members seeking training will commit approximately 4 hours to the course they choose to complete. Courses don’t just follow a lecture and read model, but rather features videos and interactive activities to help engage trainees.


“The School Board U format engages board members, and invites them to interact with the material and content,” Leadership Development Director Randy Royer said. “The videos and activities, along with the suggested readings, will culminate with a full understanding of the subject matter.”


The cost of each course is $100 per registrant, except the New School Board Member workshop and Ethical School Board Service courses which are $50.


“Our school board members are busy, hardworking individuals in and out of the public school system and School Board U provides them the opportunity to train at their leisure and gather important information on key topics that affect schools,” Pogany said.


If you have questions about ASBSD School Board U, please contact Royer at 605-773-2504 or

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