ASBSD statement on NSBA

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ASBSD statement on NSBA

With regard to the recent National School Board Association (NSBA) actions, ASBSD does not agree with the request for federal intervention in NSBA’s letter to President Biden, nor were we consulted about the letter.


ASBSD respects and trusts school board members to govern their schools in a manner that best suits their district locally. We have confidence in them to allow their community members to voice their opinions and concerns at board meetings and believe board members will make decisions in the best interest of the children they serve.


We all want the best for South Dakota children.


ASBSD also respects the rights of parents and community stakeholders to attend board meetings and share their concerns and expects the public will dialogue with school boards respectfully and peacefully. It’s expected schools will take measures to keep their meetings safe and orderly, if needed.


Along with several other state school board associations, ASBSD has chosen to work with NSBA’s Board of Directors to affect change in the organization. State Association Executive Directors have requested NSBA make changes in leadership and procedures to ensure this does not happen again. Rather than completely sever ties with NSBA at this time, ASBSD will seek to work with them so an improved national organization can thrive.

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