Bills pass to start week

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Bills pass to start week

Three bills passed their original house to start week number three of legislative session.


Representatives passed House Bill 1108 by 63-5 vote on Monday. The open meeting’s related bill initially placed sub- and advisory committees under the open meetings umbrella, but was amended by the House State Affairs committee removing the requirement.
The bill’s main function now is to exclude advisory bodies from having to provide telephone or Internet access for meetings.
Senate Bill 41 passed through the Senate floor by a 33-0 vote. The bill would allow school districts to use an approved inspector to inspect school buses, expanding the requirement that bus inspection be completed only by the highway patrol.



Senators also passed Senate Bill 78, which exempts bus drivers from physical requirements of transporting passengers unless required by their employer, by a 23-9 vote.



ASBSD will continue to monitor the bills.



A bill to reinstate $150,000 in state funding to Education Service Agencies was deferred by the Senate. ASBSD supports the Senate Bill 76.



Senate Health and Human Services committee members deferred Senate Bill 98 to the 41st Legislative Day. The bill would have revised immunization exemption requirements to encompass a student that has a “personal religious commitment” opposed to the immunization and planning to enter school.



For updates on these bills, as well as other pieces of legislation, continue to check the blog and bill tracker.

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