School District Boundary Task Force holds first meeting

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School District Boundary Task Force holds first meeting

School District Boundary Task Force members met for the first time on Wednesday (May 20) to begin review of minor boundary changes.


Legislators passed Senate Bill 134 during this year’s session, creating the task force to examine school district boundaries, recommend possible changes to boundaries and recommend a process for addressing minor boundary changes.


SB 134 also set a one-year moratorium on minor boundary changes.


Task Force members include Senators Deb Peters, Angie Buhl and Ernie Otten, Representatives Jim Bolin, Karen Soli and Herman Otten and Superintendents Tom Oster of Sioux Valley, Jennifer Lowery of Tea Area and Mike Lodmel of Tri-Valley.




At Wednesday’s meeting, Sen. Peters was elected Chair of the Task Force and the group reviewed state statutes related to minor boundary changes – 13-24-4, 2-14-29 and 9-5-16. The state’s school district map was also reviewed.


Task Force members discussed the possibility of eliminating the landowner petition option and allow a land swap initiated by school boards with criteria attached to the decision.


The group is planning to review boundary change laws in surrounding states.


The School District Boundary Task Force will meet again on Thursday, July 9 at the West Central School District in Hartford.

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