Capital Outlay discussion ongoing

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Capital Outlay discussion ongoing

If you’ve had a chance to attend one of the ASBSD region meetings this fall you know legislative issues were a big part of the discussion, especially talk about potential legislation that would limit capital outlay growth.


Check out the remaining dates on the Region Meeting schedule here.


The topic of limiting growth of capital outlay funds is one that has gained considerable attention since the 2014 legislative session adjourned. A work group was convened by the Governor’s office to discuss the matter; as the administration has said pressure from tax payers warranted a review.


Last week, marked the fourth meeting of the work group and included discussion on a proposal to freeze of Capital Outlay levies and a limit of growth at four percent per year.


ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany, along with SASD Executive Director Rob Monson and a group of superintendents, expressed their concerns about the freeze and a limitation.


Brookings Region Meeting (21)

Pogany (left) covers the capital outlay proposal at the Region Meeting in Brookings.


“School board members do not support the idea of limiting capital outlay”, said Executive Director, Wade Pogany. “We recognize the growing pressure on property tax payers with rising valuations, but the proposal is not fair to schools.”


Pogany noted school boards are not hearing the concerns from tax payers expressed by the administration and the issue should be discussed and resolved at the local level.


“To arbitrarily freeze levies at a point in time when some school districts have lowered their levies is not a fair way to go about this,” Pogany said. “This is a local issue, not a one size fits all statewide mandate.”


The Governor’s work group will meet later this month (October) to discuss options.


“In lieu of having to battle over a bill during legislative session, we’re hoping to find a middle ground in these talks,” Pogany said.

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