Collective Bargaining Seminar added to School Board U course list

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Collective Bargaining Seminar added to School Board U course list

ASBSD recently wrapped up a slate of Collective Bargaining Seminars, which covered how districts must apply the new funding formula, the accountability requirements introduced by the new legislation and negotiating teacher salary and benefits.


For those not able to attend the in-person training, but interested in the information, we have converted it into training course for our online training site – School Board U.


ASBSD School Board U was launched in 2014 as a way for new and veteran school board members and administrators to complete training individually, at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.


The 2016 ASBSD Collective Bargaining Seminar course features videos of ASBSD Director of Policy and Legal Services Gerry Kaufman and veteran School Attorney Rodney Freeman discussing a variety of funding formula and negotiations topics, as well as the handouts from the in-person seminars.


Registration for the course is required and the cost is $125 per registrant.


The Collective Bargaining Seminar becomes the seventh course offered by ASBSD through School Board U, which also contains School Board Governance, Fiscal Responsibility, Strategic Planning, a New Board Member Workshop, Ethical School Board Service and Board President and Superintendent Relationship (note: the Fiscal Responsibility course is currently being edited to match the new funding formula).


School board members seeking training will commit approximately 3-4 hours to the course they choose to complete. Courses don’t just follow a lecture and read model, but rather feature interactive videos and activities to help engage trainees.


“Not only was it great information to process while taking the course, but I also feel it will be a valuable resource to continue to look back on when needed,” Yankton School Board Member Frani Kief­er said about School Board U.


If you have questions about School Board U, please contact Leadership Develop Director Dr. Randall Royer at 605-773-2504 or


Contact your district’s business manager to register for the Collective Bargaining Seminar course, or any of those offered through School Board U.


If you need help accessing the course or have questions about registration, please contact Tyler at or at 605-773-8382 or 605-881-3791.

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