DOR provides property tax tools

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DOR provides property tax tools

The S.D. Department of Revenue (DOR) has compiled information that can and should be used to help explain the property tax system in South Dakota to inquiring taxpayers.


There are 4 separate documents that can help with the explanation and to access these documents click on the blue link:

  • DOR Property Tax 101: Our tax fact document is available for those individuals wanting to take a deeper dive into how the property tax system works.
  • DOR Understanding Your Property Tax: This handout is an easy-to-read overview of property taxes, providing some fundamental concepts while answering common taxpayer questions.
  • DOR Property Tax Talking Points: This document should be used internally as a quick reference for talking points, especially for anyone not fully versed in the property tax system. It can also be handed out, if needed, as a quick outline of the high points between assessment and taxation;
  • DOR Property Tax Math Example: We have developed a math visual that shows the relationship between valuation and tax rate to better explain that an increase in value does not mean a direct increase in taxes.

DOR encourages offices to make copies of any or all of these documents and provide them to property owners to help them understand the system.


Additional documents that could be useful to have on hand are the Appeal Process Guide for the Property Owner and the Ag Land Productivity tax fact.


If you have questions about the documents or other tax information, please contact the Department of Revenue at 605-773-3311 or visit the DOR website at

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