Eval data protection bill signed

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Eval data protection bill signed

House Bill 1030, which makes evaluation data of a teacher, principal or other school employee compiled by a school district confidential, was signed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.


Secretary of Education Melody Schopp testified during session that the evaluation information will “improve the practice” of teaching and needs to be confidential because it could contain student learning objective targets that have the potential to identify students and will also help foster an environment of growth of teachers.


The new evaluation system, which is a part of the state’s waiver to the U.S. DOE excusing South Dakota from No Child Left Behind requirements, is being implemented in school districts.


Sen. Deb Soholt said teachers “deserve some assurance” that evaluation of their job performance will remain confidential, but noted the bill did not stifle a parent’s right to inquire about a teacher through communication with an administrator, during her testimony in support of the bill.


ASBSD took a monitor position on the bill.

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