Final edition of the Bulletin being published this weekend

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Final edition of the Bulletin being published this weekend

This month marks the end of the ASBSD Bulletin. It’s been an effective run for the Bulletin, but like all good things, it’s come to an end.


In place of the Bulletin, beginning next year we’ll move exclusively to the bi-weekly Blog Brief and monthly Policy Alert as our main points of communication and information distribution.


Over the years the Bulletin has served as the center of ASBSD’s communication; so ingrained in the Association’s DNA that it found its way into our internal policies as the main point of communication.


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Like the rest of the world, we’ve expanded our presence online, which has resulted in the Blog Brief and Policy Alert outpacing the reach, and the need, of the Bulletin.


The discontinuation of the Bulletin doesn’t mean less information, as it’s usually just a recap of the past month’s events already posted on our Blog, but rather one less email you’ll receive from Tyler.


For those who prefer the print version of the Bulletin, we’re planning to produce a PDF version of the Blog Brief, albeit with less frill than its monthly companion. We’ll also be archiving past Bulletin’s on our website on the Publications and Forms page.


If you or your fellow board members or administrators are not on our email distribution lists for the Blog Brief and Policy Alert, please contact Tyler at and get added.


For now, enjoy the final edition this weekend and thanks for reading.

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