Free flu shots, health screenings for health fund members

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Free flu shots, health screenings for health fund members

Flu season is fast approaching and sick days for staff can follow.


To combat the bug, the South Dakota School District Benefits Fund has scheduled FREE flu shot clinics at 63 unique locations across the state within SDSDBF member districts. The flu shot clinics are a FREE service for SDSDBF member districts and staff and their dependents who are enrolled in the fund.


And it’s not just flu shots that are free for SDSDBF members.


Health screenings that include checks height, weight and blood pressure measurements, a Lipid Panel test of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides and a diabetes risk assessment will also be completed at the same 63 unique locations AT NO COST to SDSDBF enrolled members.



“We’re very proud to offer the free flu shot clinics and health screenings to our members,” ASBSD CFO and Protective Trust Director Matt Flett said.


Flett noted all SDSDBF health fund plans are ACA compliant, which permits a staff member enrolled in the health fund to receive a flu shot and annual wellness visit at no cost to them at a participating provider, but added the value of the on-site flu shots and wellness screens brings those services to their school buildings so staff don’t have to leave school early to schedule an outside appointment.


“Depending on the school district’s location in South Dakota some staff might have to leave town to get a flu shot,” Flett said. “This brings the service to their school building.”


South Dakota School District Benefits Fund strives to ensure our members receive high quality health care services and for many years we’ve been able to provide these two great services free of charge to health fund members.”


In 2016, nearly 2,000 flu shots were given and more than 1,000 health screenings completed at over 60 unique locations in South Dakota for SDSDBF member districts. More than 60 unique locations among SDSDBF member districts held the free flu shot clinics and health screenings in 2015, as well.


The 2017 flu shot clinic and health screenings began in August and run through November at SDSDBF member districts.


If you would like additional information about SDSDBF, contact Flett at or 605-773-2515.

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