Get your good news ready for The Good News Bulletin

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Get your good news ready for The Good News Bulletin

Get your district’s good news ready!


ASBSD wants to hear what your board members, administrators, teachers, staff members, students and community members are proud of for the fourth edition of The Good News Bulletin.


Over the last three years more than 90 districts have submitted nearly 200 stories of student achievement, community engagement, exemplary staff members, collaboration among districts and much, much more!


Download and read the Good News Bulletin’s first editionsecond edition and third edition.




“Each year the Good News Bulletin has grown with stories about what makes our public schools so great,” said ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany.


“There are so many stories that our districts have to be proud of and we want to share them through the Good News Bulletin.”


Share your stories and story ideas with ASBSD, along with a photo, by Wednesday, Feburary 15, 2017.


Send stories, photos and any questions you may have to Tyler at ASBSD will print and distribute the latest edition of The Good News Bulletin statewide in 2017.


Join us in sharing the good news from our South Dakota schools!

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