Guest Post: Enhance Student Learning by Creating a Healthier School Environment

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Guest Post: Enhance Student Learning by Creating a Healthier School Environment

By Kari Senger, South Dakota Healthy Schools Program Manager


The research is clear: healthy, properly nourished and fit students are better able to concentrate on their work, attend school on a regular basis and perform well in class and on tests.


Founded in 2005, by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s mission is to inspire young people to develop lifelong, healthy habits.


The Alliance started the Healthy Schools Program, which now supports more than 14,000 schools across the U.S. in their efforts to create environments where physical activity and healthy eating are accessible and encouraged.


Creating a healthier school environment, by improving nutrition and increasing physical activity, can directly impact staff productivity and student learning.


The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is offering a limited number of schools in South Dakota the opportunity to receive customized technical assistance at no cost.


Schools are provided a framework of best practices to guide them through a process of assessing their school, developing action steps and accessing a database of school health grants and resources related to seven wellness categories.


The best part is, that the school decides what types of small steps they would like to implement and the Alliance customizes our assistance based on their needs.


This is not just another program.


The Alliance assists schools in meeting existing requirements, such as USDA wellness policy requirements. A fact sheet explains how the Alliance can support schools with wellness policy revision and implementation.


Schools are powerful places to shape the health, education and well-being of our children. Consider this limited opportunity for your school!


For more information, contact Kari at or 605-280-7671.

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