Important bills face committee hearings

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Important bills face committee hearings


Over the next two days, five legislative committees are expected to take up some key bills and issues.


This morning Senate Education will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 76, which would reinstate $500,000 in state funding for Educational Service Agencies. Executive Director Wade Pogany is expected to testify at the hearing in favor of the funding return based on ASBSD’s resolution C3, which calls for support of a “full funding” return to ESAs.


Also today, the Department of Education is scheduled to have its budget hearing with the Joint Appropriations committee. ASBSD will monitor the hearing closely.


Tomorrow’s committee schedule is highlighted by House Bill 1087’s – the bill proposing armed guards be allowed in schools beyond just law enforcement agents  – hearing in the House Education committee. ASBSD’s is opposed to the bill based on the association’s Standing Position on Safe and Secure Schools supports keeping “weapons” away from school grounds. Pogany is expected to testify.


The House State Affairs committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 1108, which subjects committees and advisory committees appointed by a school board to open meetings laws. ASBSD opposes this bill and is expected to testify at the hearing.


Rounding out the committee schedule is Senate Transportation’s hearing on Senate Bill 41. The bill would allow a school district to use an approved inspector to inspect their buses in place of the state highway patrol. ASBSD will be monitoring this bill.


For updates on these bills and committee hearings, as well as other legislation, check the ASBSD blog and bill tracker often.


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