BOR launches online dashboard tracking student transition


BOR launches online dashboard tracking student transition

The South Dakota Board of Regents recently launched an online version of their annual High School Transition Report, which provides a breakdown of the academic progress of first-year students enrolled in a BOR institute on an individualized district basis.


The High School Transition Report Dashboard provides a break down by district on the academic production of students – from 2010 through 2013 – in three categories: incoming students, first-year outcomes and multi-year trends.


The “incoming students” tab on the dashboard highlights a district’s graduates, by year, enrolled in each BOR institute, the admission requirements met, academic distinctions and ACT mean scores and benchmark attainment.


The dashboard’s “first-year outcomes” tab covers the percentage of freshmen placed in remedial courses, the outcomes of first-year students in remedial courses based on GPA and credits completed and the percentage of students retained at a BOR institute for their second year, which provides a comparison between the district and the statewide average.


“Multi-year trends” is the final tab on the dashboard and it focuses on the average GPA and credits completed by first-year students from 2010 to 2013 and allows districts to track the number of students in a variety of categories, including those who received the opportunity scholarship, ACT benchmarks met, and remedial courses enrolled in, over the same four-year period.


Steps were taken to ensure students from districts with a smaller number of graduates would not be able to be identified.


The dashboard can be accessed here:, and a narrative report on the dashboard here:


Questions about the dashboard should be directed to the Board Regents at or at 605-773-3455.

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