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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1007Requires certain adjustments to the assessed value of ag. land to be documented.MonitorSigned by Governor3/2/2020
House Bill 1031Revises certain provisions regarding school district fiduciary funds.MonitorSigned by Governor2/20/2020
House Bill 1032Revises BOE authority related to certification rules.MonitorSigned by Governor2/27/2020
House Bill 1042Sets the Special Education levy and disability level funding for FY 2021.SupportSigned by Governor3/30/2020
House Bill 1043Sets the School District General Fund levy, target teacher salary and overhead rate for FY 2021.SupportSigned by Governor3/30/2020
House Bill 1062Increases the financial empowerment of state residents.MonitorKilled1/30/2020
House Bill 1064Restricts certain vapor products.SupportKilled2/18/2020
House Bill 1078Exempts firearms from sales tax.OpposeKilled1/30/2020
House Bill 1104Limits the scope of medical info that may be required as a condition of participation in activities.MonitorKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1122Requires child abuse or neglect investigations upon the filing of truancy complaints.SupportKilled2/12/2020
House Bill 1134Permits the wearing of a beaded graduation cap at a graduation ceremony.SupportKilled2/10/2020
House Bill 1143Prohibits school districts from using team names, mascots or nicknames deemed offensive.OpposeKilled2/7/2020
House Bill 1152Provides financial assistance for school sentinel training.MonitorKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1156Prohibits certain physical exams or screenings on students without parental consent.OpposeKilled2/21/2020
House Bill 1157Provides for kindergarten enrollment options.MonitorKilled2/12/2020
House Bill 1159Allows for referral of opt-outs approved prior to 2002.OpposeKilled2/13/2020
House Bill 1162Requires parental opt-in of sex education and establishes abstinence education curriculum.OpposeKilled2/10/2020
House Bill 1163Requires parental permission and website posting of student survey instruments.OpposeKilled2/10/2020
House Bill 1167Circumvents the confidentiality between student and counselor.OpposeKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1173Prohibits a school board from denying an application for open enrollment from certain students.OpposeKilled2/20/2020
House Bill 1174Changes the kindergarten enrollment eligibility date beginning in 2021.MonitorKilled3/2/2020
House Bill 1175Defines dyslexia for special education purposes.MonitorSigned by Governor3/11/2020
House Bill 1177Dictates the date of school board elections in even numbered years and sets board term limits.OpposeKilled2/27/2020
House Bill 1186Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/3/2020
House Bill 1198Provides an excess levy for the capital outlay fund.OpposeKilled2/27/2020
House Bill 1201Requires distribution of possible reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities.MonitorKilled2/21/2020
House Bill 1202Revises provisions regarding certain sales and use tax rates.MonitorKilled2/26/2020
House Bill 1204Increases the tax credit amount for the private school scholarship program to $2.5 million.OpposeKilled2/19/2020
House Bill 1206Revises certain provisions regarding the commitment of a delinquent child to DOC.MonitorSigned by Governor3/18/2020
House Bill 1210Requires parental notice of a social and emotional learning questionnaire regarding a student.OpposeKilled2/19/2020
House Bill 1213Provides $1.125 million for the critical teaching needs scholarships.SupportKilled3/12/2020
House Bill 1214Revises provisions regarding autism spectrum disorder.MonitorKilled2/6/2020
House Bill 1218Requires responses and reporting regarding student, testing, evaluation and observation.MonitorKilled2/26/2020
House Bill 1220Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/26/2020
House Bill 1226Revises certain provisions regarding local referendums.OpposeKilled2/25/2020
House Bill 1228Includes children with a hearing loss in the reporting criteria required for deaf and hard-of-hearing children.MonitorSigned by Governor3/18/2020
House Bill 1235Removes all immunization requirements for students to enter school.OpposeKilled2/25/2020
House Bill 1237Creates the Early Learning Advisory Council.SupportKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1241Revises requirements for legal newspaper status.MonitorKilled2/20/2020
House Bill 1243Requires schools to establish curriculum and provide instruction on South Dakota's tribal history, culture, and government.OpposeKilled2/19/2020
House Bill 1249Creates the video lottery repeal and recovery fund.OpposeKilled2/21/2020
House Bill 1250Decreases state's share of video lottery revenue and calls for repeal by 2029.OpposeKilled2/21/2020
House Bill 1255Removes the requirement for a mandatory appraisal in minor boundary changes.SupportSigned by Governor3/18/2020
House Bill 1256Funds shooting sports programs in public schools.MonitorKilled2/20/2020
House Bill 1258Provides for child safety accounts for students subject to certain safety incidents.OpposeKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1263Requires school district bond elections to have 30 percent voter turnout to be valid.OpposeKilled3/5/2020
House Bill 1266Establishes the Dakota's promise scholarship program and the Dakota's promise fund.MonitorKilled3/12/2020
House Bill 1272Revises the conditions for dual credit and to provide an appropriation.MonitorKilled2/20/2020
House Bill 1274Creates the Tax Revenue Study Task Force.MonitorKilled2/13/2020
House Bill 1281Revises certain state post-secondary requirements for dual credit and to make an appropriation.MonitorKilled2/24/2020
House Bill 1282Creates the lottery repeal and recovery fund and changes revenue distribution.OpposeKilled2/26/2020
House Bill 1285Requires parental permission and website posting of student survey instruments.OpposeKilled2/25/2020
House Bill 1290Appropriates funds to the Douglas School District for future enrollment increases based on expansion of Ellsworth Airforce Base.MonitorKilled2/27/2020
House Bill 1294Introduces the FY21 General Fund bill.MonitorSigned by Governor3/27/2020
House Bill 1296Revises the authority of the Governor in times of a disaster, act of terrorism or emergency.MonitorSigned by Governor3/31/2020
House Bill 1297Grants Secretary of Health certain authority during a public health emergency.MonitorKilled3/30/2020
House Bill 1298Provides for the postponement of certain elections.SupportSigned by Governor3/31/2020
HCR 6004Creates a task force to review the manner in which mental health services are delivered.MonitorEnrolled3/4/2020
HCR 6007Supports students and other persons afflicted by epilepsy and raising awareness of epilepsy in South Dakota. MonitorEnrolled2/21/2020
HCR 6010Supports the creation of an early education advisory council.SupportKilled2/26/2020
HCR 6012Supports the right to pray in public schools.MonitorEnrolled3/11/2020
House Comm. 8002Commends and honors the 2018-19 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota.SupportEnrolled1/21/2020
House Comm. 8011Commends and honors Renee Ullom for being the 2019 Outstanding School Board Member of South Dakota.SupportEnrolled2/5/2020
House Comm. 8021Commends the Pierre School Board for being the 2019 School Board Award of Excellence recipient.SupportEnrolled2/18/2020
Senate Bill 31Revises and repeals certain SDRS provisions.MonitorSigned by Governor2/27/2020
Senate Bill 39Creates Jobs for SD's Graduates program and special donation fund.MonitorSigned by Governor3/18/2020
Senate Bill 57Permits certain ag land to be classified as noncropland.OpposeKilled1/24/2020
Senate Bill 59Protects teaching of certain scientific information.OpposeKilled1/30/2020
Senate Bill 66Creates and funds Oceti Sakowin community-based schools.OpposeKilled3/4/2020
Senate Bill 67Amends the Capital Outlay levy for sparse school districts.MonitorKilled1/27/2020
Senate Bill 76Provides for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland.OpposeKilled2/12/2020
Senate Bill 88Requires parental notification of certain student articulations made during counseling sessions.OpposeKilled2/4/2020
Senate Bill 94Revises provisions for the capital outlay fund.SupportKilled2/20/2020
Senate Bill 105Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/26/2020
Senate Bill 111Excludes certain wind energy tax revenue from state aid formula.MonitorKilled2/11/2020
Senate Bill 117Requires DOE to establish program and policy for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.MonitorKilled2/27/2020
Senate Bill 118Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/4/2020
Senate Bill 123Appropriates $1 to the Literacy Intervention Program.MonitorKilled2/27/2020
Senate Bill 134Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/25/2020
Senate Bill 135Increases the bid limit for certain public improvements to $100,000.SupportSigned by Governor3/18/2020
Senate Bill 142Ensures dual credit cannot be used on remedial courses.MonitorSigned by Governor3/23/2020
Senate Bill 143Requires any student who fails or withdraws from a dual credit course to pay in full for the course.MonitorKilled2/24/2020
Senate Bill 144Creates the road improvement priority fund and appropriates $10 million in FY20.MonitorKilled3/12/2020
Senate Bill 166Provides $1.125 million for critical teaching needs scholarships.MonitorKilled3/5/2020
Senate Bill 168Freezes the other revenue step-down process at 60 percent counted as local effort.MonitorKilled2/21/2020
Senate Bill 170Revises certain provisions regarding school district capital outlay funds.SupportSigned by Governor3/23/2020
Senate Bill 174Permits capital outlay funding to be used to purchase or renew instructional software.SupportSigned by Governor3/23/2020
Senate Bill 188Accounts for educational opportunities provided to students during a state of emergency.SupportSigned by Governor3/31/2020
Senate Bill 189Provides exemptions from certain requirements for the 2019-2020 school year.SupportSigned by Governor3/301/2020
Senate Bill 191Provides emergency authority to counties, community improvement districts, and municipalities in the event of a public health crisis.MonitorKilled3/30/2020
Senate Bill 193Revises the FY20 General Appropriations Act.MonitorSigned by Governor3/31/2020
Senate Bill 194Revises certain requirements for absentee ballots.MonitorKilled3/30/2020
SJR 502Submits to voters the creation and administration of the pooled local investment fund.MonitorKilled2/21/2020