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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1007Revises certain provisions regarding checks or bid bonds for public improvements.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/8/2021
House Bill 1033Updates certain provisions related to SDRS related to reemployment after retirement.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/18/2021
House Bill 1041Establishes the South Dakota Board of Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Hearing Aid Dispensing.MonitorKilled2/4/2021
House Bill 1042Revises certain provisions regarding riparian buffer stripsMonitorSigned by Gov.2/24/2021
House Bill 1044Transfers the Office of Indian Education to DOE.MonitorKilled1/27/2021
House Bill 1046Limits liability for certain exposures to COVID-19.SupportSigned by Gov.2/17/2021
House Bill 1050Changes publication fees and requires notices be posted online, in addition to in print, on a website hosted by SDNA.OpposeKilled2/3/2021
House Bill 1055Authorizes certain children who are subject to a military relocation to be eligible for registration with a state-approved distance learning provider and gives the school districts the option to implement, if requested.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/8/2021
House Bill 1056Authorizes the designation of Purple Star schools.MonitorKilled1/26/2021
House Bill 1066Authorizes the transfer of wind energy tax revenue from a school district general fund.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/3/2021
House Bill 1077Provides for licensure by endorsement for certain licensed professionals and occupations.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/23/2021
House Bill 1082Changes LEP term to English Learner and amends the EL adjustment for the 2021-22 school year.SupportSigned by Gov.2/12/2021
House Bill 1083Grants authority to Secretary of Education to waive accountability requirements when a national emergency is declared. SupportSigned by Gov.2/12/2021
House Bill 1085Redefines the criteria for classifying ag land for tax purposes.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/21/2021
House Bill 1089Authorizes the disclosure of protection and security expenditures for public officials.OpposeKilled2/5/2021
House Bill 1096Provides a penalty for sexual contact with a minor by a person holding a position of authority.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/25/2021
House Bill 1097Allows philosophical exceptions to required vaccinations.OpposeKilled2/4/2021
House Bill 1099Changes a property tax exemption amount for certain ag property.MonitorKilled2/2/2021
House Bill 1102Revises certain definitions for sex offender registry.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/25/2021
House Bill 1108Mandates the honor song or Lakota Flag Song be played at graduation when requested.OpposeKilled2/25/2021
House Bill 1117Revises provisions for public meetings held by teleconference.MonitorKilled2/8/2021
House Bill 1118Suspends school district cash balance caps until 6/30/2024.SupportKilled2/3/2021
House Bill 1120Establishes a website for the posting of notices for certain local governments.SupportKilled2/11/2021
House Bill 1127Revises certain provisions regarding official meetings conducted by teleconference.SupportSigned by Gov.3/18/2021
House Bill 1128Changes posting requirements for public meetingsOpposeKilled2/11/2021
House Bill 1129Adds criteria for a public body to follow if they livestream a meeting.OpposeKilled2/11/2021
House Bill 1137Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/8/2021
House Bill 1149Adds timberland as a property tax classification and other criteria.MonitorKilled2/16/2021
House Bill 1157Establishes restrictions governing instructional standards and curricular materials.OpposeKilled2/4/2021
House Bill 1158Prohibits the use of curricular materials that promote racial divisiveness and displace historical understanding with ideology.OpposeKilled2/4/2021
House Bill 1159Prohibits vaccination or medical intervention.OpposeKilled2/11/2021
House Bill 1162Establishes the Re-Homestead South Dakota Program.MonitorKilled2/11/2021
House Bill 1174Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/23/2021
House Bill 1187Requires schools to provide instruction on South Dakota's tribal history,
culture, and government.
House Bill 1191Allows an expedited process for local intergov. legal disputes.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/18/2021
House Bill 1201Authorizes a local vote to prohibit the placement of video lottery machines in a municipality or county.MonitorKilled2/23/2021
House Bill 1205Repeals certifications by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.OpposeKilled2/8/2021
House Bill 1217Changes process of participation in girls' sports.MonitorKilled3/29/2021
House Bill 1223Prohibits certain social media censorship.MonitorKilled2/23/2021
House Bill 1224Circumvents local control to require the state motto be posted in all public school classrooms.OpposeKilled2/8/2021
House Bill 1279Appropriates $900,000 for the development of civics curriculum and resources.MonitorKilled3/3/2021
House Bill 1280Appropriates $1.5 million to update the educator certification system.MonitorKilled3/3/2021
House Bill 1283Appropriates $1 to update the South Dakota virtual school.MonitorKilled3/1/2021
HCR 6015Encourages the Executive Board of the Legislature to create an interim legislative study on mental health education in this state.SupportEnrolled3/8/2021
Senate Bill 45Repeals the annual survey of schools regarding CPR instruction.MonitorKilled1/19/2021
Senate Bill 46Allows for the consideration of certain instruction to count towards the minimum number of hours required in a school term during a declared state of emergency.SupportSigned by Gov.2/1/2021
Senate Bill 49Sets the School District General Fund levy, target teacher salary and overhead rate for FY 2022.SupportSigned by Gov.3/22/2021
Senate Bill 64Revises the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2021.SupportSigned by Gov.3/21/2021
Senate Bill 68Creates and funds Oceti Sakowin community-based schools.OpposeKilled2/4/2021
Senate Bill 70Revises and reorganizes certain provisions regarding the assessment of property for the purposes of taxation.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/21/2021
Senate Bill 120Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/8/2021
Senate Bill 124Provides protection for the exercise of religious freedom.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/10/2021
Senate Bill 128Revises certain provisions related to news media coverage of high school activities.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/25/2021
Senate Bill 165Authorizes the disclosure of protection and security expenditures for public officials.OpposeKilled2/17/2021
Senate Bill 170Prohibits the conduct of certain physical exams or screenings on students without parental consent.OpposeKilled2/24/2021
Senate Bill 171Establishes the needs-based scholarship funding for South Dakota students and appropriates funds.SupportSigned by Gov.3/18/2021
Senate Bill 175Expands the student eligibility options for the private school scholarship program.OpposeSigned by Gov.3/18/2021
Senate Bill 177Makes significant changes to alternative instruction laws. OpposeSigned by Gov.3/10/2021
Senate Bill 190Revises provisions regarding unfair or discriminatory practices.MonitorKilled2/23/2021
Senate Bill 194Appropriates funding for the state general fund for Fiscal year 2022.SupportKilled3/11/2021
Senate Bill 195Appropriates funding for the state general fund for Fiscal year 2022.SupportSigned by Gov.3/22/2021
SC 802Honors the the 2019-2020 Outstanding School Administrators of South DakotaSupportEnrolled2/1/2021
SC 803Honors and commending the educators of South Dakota for their service and dedication in unprecedented times.SupportEnrolled2/4/2021
SC 808Honors and commends Timber Lake School Board Member Marie Gross as the 2020 School Board Member of the Year.SupportEnrolled2/8/2021