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Bill NumberASBSD SummaryPositionCurrent LocationDate of last update
House Bill 1005Requires a public school to accommodate any student request for a bathroom used exclusively by members of the same sex.OpposeKilled2/8/2022
House Bill 1006Changes process of participation in girls' sports.OpposeKilled2/7/2022
House Bill 1008Provides a cause of action for certain employees required to receive a vaccination.MonitorKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1012Protects students and employees at institutions of higher education from
divisive concepts.
MonitorSigned by Gov.3/21/2022
House Bill 1015Requires a moment of silence in schools at the start of the day.OpposeKilled1/21/2022
House Bill 1039Provides for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland.OpposeKilled2/23/2022
House Bill 1040Reduces the maximum property tax levies for the general fund of school districts.MonitorKilled1/19/2022
House Bill 1064Uses the fall enrollments of 2020 or 2021, depending which is larger, to calculate state aid for 2022-23 school year.SupportKilled1/26/2022
House Bill 1075Requires a local newspaper to post notices on an independent website and adds online publication as a qualifier for an official newspaper.MonitorSigned by Gov2/23/2022
House Bill 1077Modifies the oath elected officials take when assuming office.MonitorKilled2/23/2022
House Bill 1080Extends the average teacher compensation targets until the 2023-24 school year.MonitorSigned by Gov2/24/2022
House Bill 1081Adds solar energy tax revenue to the calculation of local effort for state aid to school districts.MonitorKilled1/27/2022
House Bill 1087Revises protected documents and list of subjects allowed for discussion in executive session.MonitorSigned by Gov3/7/2022
House Bill 1094Changes the process and policy of medical cannabis use in schools.MonitorKilled1/31/2022
House Bill 1111Permits referral of a school board resolution by voters related to health and safety of students and staff.OpposeKilled2/8/2022
House Bill 1119Multiplies 0.10 by the number of homeschool children who are participating in interscholastic activities to the fall enrollment count for the state aid formula.SupportSigned by Gov.3/21/2022
House Bill 1125Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/10/2022
House Bill 1134Changes the process and policy of medical cannabis use in schools.MonitorKilled3/7/2022
House Bill 1136Requires DOE to report certain information related to medical cannabis and students.MonitorKilled3/7/2022
House Bill 1158Prohibits a SRO from engaging a student in school for a possible off campus criminal violationMonitorKilled1/31/2022
House Bill 1159Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/15/2022
House Bill 1163Allows students who are 5-years-old by September 30 and have passed a screening process to be enrolled in Kindergarten.MonitorKilled2/28/2022
House Bill 1170Requires S.D. BOE to promulgate rules for the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings curriculum.MonitorKilled2/2/2022
House Bill 1172Allows a science teacher to teach the strengths and weaknesses of the subject as they see fit.OpposeKilled2/7/2022
House Bill 1179Allows a person to decline medical treatment.OpposeKilled2/2/2022
House Bill 1183Prohibits a school district from choosing their team nameOpposeKilled2/4/2022
House Bill 1184Dictates activities at a high school graduationOpposeKilled2/4/2022
House Bill 1185Allows a Native American student to wear a beaded cap at a graduation ceremony.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/3/2022
House Bill 1189Appropriates $1.5 million for the Native American achievement schools grant program.MonitorKilled2/7/2022
House Bill 1190Establishes the paraprofessional tuition assistance program for pursuit of teacher certification.MonitorKilled2/22/2022
House Bill 1198Requires the display of the state seal in all public school buildings. OpposeKilled2/25/2022
House Bill 1203Establishes a revenue neutral rate for property taxes and requires a public hearing to increase.OpposeKilled2/14/2022
House Bill 1207Dictates open enrollment decisions.OpposeKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1212Prohibits certain activities related to a person's COVID-19 vaccination status.MonitorKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1216Removes Collective Bargaining rights of school district employees.OpposeKilled2/2/2022
House Bill 1240Lowers the sales tax in a two-year period.OpposeKilled2/23/2022
House Bill 1246Establishes fundamental rights to make decisions concerning children lies with parents.OpposeKilled2/24/2022
House Bill 1247Reduces the half-cent on sales tax for certain items.OpposeKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1255Clarifies certain public meeting requirements related to public comment.MonitorKilled2/25/2022
House Bill 1256Establishes employees' exemptions from employer-imposed COVID-19 vaccine requirements.MonitorKilled2/17/2022
House Bill 1261Establishes emergency retire-rehire provisions for the South Dakota Retirement System.SupportKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1265Adds a full unit of history and government to the state's graduation requirements.OpposeKilled2/9/2022
House Bill 1266Codifies high school graduation requirements, thus requiring the legislature to approve any future updates.OpposeKilled2/9/2022
House Bill 1294Vehicle BillMonitorKilled2/14/2022
House Bill 1295Requires a school board association to report specific information to GOAC.OpposeKilled2/14/2022
House Bill 1300Requires school district elections be held on dates specified by the legislature.OpposeKilled2/28/2022
House Bill 1302Modifies tuition responsibilities for children in residential treatment centers.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/18/2022
House Bill 1303Vehicle billMonitorKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1308Provides for the payment of signing bonuses to school district staff members.SupportSigned by Gov3/10/2022
House Bill 1309Prohibits a political litmus test for employment in a BOR instituteMonitorKilled2/16/2022
House Bill 1310Requires extensive review of nearly all educational materials and allows for a lawsuit to be filed if a violation is perceived.OpposeKilled2/14/2022
House Bill 1325Revises the classification of agricultural land according to soil type.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/18/2022
House Bill 1327Reduces the half-cent tax rate on certain products and Appropriates funds for repeals the Partridge Amendment.OpposeKilled2/25/2022
House Bill 1330Creates an interim property tax task to study property tax structure, process, and payments.MonitorKilled2/15/2022
House Bill 1337Dictates rcurriculum and prohibits other actions in schools.OpposeKilled3/3/2022
House Bill 1338Appropriates funds for the state general fund.SupportKilled3/10/2022
House Bill 1340Appropriates funds for the state general fund.SupportSigned by Gov.3/24/2022
HCR 6004Urges safe and supportive environments for students with epilepsy.MonitorEnrolled2/9/2022
HCR 6008Urges ASBSD to immediately discontinue any affiliationwith NSBA.OpposeKilled2/7/2022
HC 8001Honors the 2020-2021 Outstanding School Administrators of South DakotaSupportEnrolled1/27/2022
HC 8005Honors Eric Stroeder for earning the 2021 Outstanding School Board Member of the Year award.SupportEnrolled2/22/2022
Senate Bill 4Allows for a medical cannabis card to have an end date specified by the issuing practitioner.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/8/2022
Senate Bill 5Adds safety-sensitive job to the list of definitions included in the medical cannabis statute.MonitorSigned by Gov.2/14/2022
Senate Bill 6Prohibits a school from denying enrollment to or penalizing a student with a medical cannabis card.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/6/2022
Senate Bill 46Changes process of participation in girls' sports.OpposeSigned by Gov.2/3/2022
Senate Bill 59Provides the 6 percent increase in state aid and special education and revises the property tax levies for school districts.SupportSigned by Gov.3/24/2022
Senate Bill 71Increases the private school scholarship fund total to $3.5 million.OpposeSigned by Gov.2/10/2022
Senate Bill 72Establishes the crime of hazing and provides a penalty therefor.MonitorKilled3/2/2022
Senate Bill 94Adds the chairs of each legislature's chamber's education committeesto the S.D. Board of Education Standards as ex-officio members.MonitorKilled1/27/2022
Senate Bill 95Changes the timeline for the Teacher Compensation Review Board to meet from every 3 years to every 2 years.SupportSigned by Gov.3/21/2022
Senate Bill 104Does not allow a sparse school district to limit the number of polling places designated by a county commission.OpposeKilled3/8/2022
Senate Bill 105Requires a school board to receive a renovation estimatefor a new school facility from an entity not involved in the bidding or construction process. OpposeKilled2/1/2022
Senate Bill 106Requires a school board to consult with local law enforcement prior to constructing a new school facility.OpposeKilled2/1/2022
Senate Bill 112Transfers the Office of Indian Education to the Department of Education.MonitorKilled2/9/2022
Senate Bill 117Repeals the sales tax on food.MonitorKilled3/8/2022
Senate Bill 122Prohibits private funding of election costs except for gifts of a nominal and intrinsic value.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/16/2022
Senate Bill 139Creates a community-based school utilizing state funds.OpposeKilled3/2/2022
Senate Bill 143Vehicle BillMonitorKilled3/7/2022
Senate Bill 162Revises the discretionary formula for reduced taxation of new structures and residential property.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/18/2022
Senate Bill 166Reduces the tax on food.MonitorKilled2/16/2022
Senate Bill 167Clarifies the certification process for teachers and school administrators.MonitorSigned by Gov.3/21/2022
Senate Bill 194Appropriates $1 million to DOE for technology based, in-home early education services.MonitorKilled2/17/2022
Senate Bill 198Establishes an interim committee regarding alternatives for placement of juvenile offendersSupportKilled3/9/2022
Senate Bill 206Appropriate $25 million to counties to mitigate tax revenue loss from HB 1039.OpposeKilled2/16/2022
Senate Bill 210Creates the education savings account utilizing public funds for private or homeschool education.OpposeKilled2/3/2022
Senate Bill 211Protects an individual's conscience from entities requiring the
COVID-19 vaccine.