New initiative aimed at getting students work experience

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New initiative aimed at getting students work experience

A new initiative was introduced recently aimed at getting high school students real-life workplace experience.


Governor Kristi Noem announced in a recent weekly column the first-ever South Dakota Week of Work is slated for April 20-24, 2020.


The initiative is a partnership with businesses and schools that will give 10th grade students the opportunity to get out of the classroom, experience the world of work and see careers available in the state.


“It will help teach them soft skills like showing up on time, dressing professionally, and interacting with customers,” Gov. Noem wrote in her column. “This initiative will also help address our skills gap.”


“As I talk with employers throughout the state, I hear the same thing over and over. They tell me that business is good and they’d like to expand, but they can’t find skilled workers to fill the open jobs.”



The South Dakota Department of Education is hosting two face-to-face workshops on Wednesday, October 9 in Sioux Falls and Rapid City for high school principals and counselors to learn more about  South Dakota Week of Work, explore available resources for schools, ask questions and brainstorm how to implement the statewide initiative at the local level.


Click here to register for the Sioux Falls event and click here to register for the Rapid City event.


S.D. DOE also will host webinars in November on the same topic. Those registration links can be found here. In addition, more information about the opportunity can be found at:


“We encourage school districts and administrators to learn more about this initiative and get involved in any way they can because it’s a great opportunity to give their students more real-world experience,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

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