LAN’s role in lobbying

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LAN’s role in lobbying

ASBSD’s Legislative Action Network plays the role of grassroots lobbyist in the big picture of K-12 education advocacy.


Each ASBSD member district is asked to appoint one or more school board members as a LAN contact to lead their local school board in advocating for K-12 education. LAN members are tasked with keeping their fellow board members informed of legislative activity and prepared to advocate, if necessary.


To stay up-to-date on legislative issues, LAN members can access the Open Forum Blog for the latest legislative updates and the Bill Tracker program for insight and position of bills ASBSD is closely monitoring. ASBSD will also issue action alerts to LAN members when bills require immediate action.


LAN members along with ASBSD, which focuses lobbying efforts at the Capitol during session, make for an eclectic advocacy group with over 190 advocates focusing on the 35 legislative districts.


“ASBSD and LAN are partners in advocacy,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “With our lobbying efforts at the Capitol and LAN members’ grassroots efforts, we make a very effective team on education issues.”


Pogany urged board members to contact their legislators and regularly communicate with them to forge a strong relationship that could benefit the future of K-12 education.


“Board members need to regularly communicate with their area legislators in order to provide input on education policy and how potential legislation could affect their district,” Pogany said. “It’s time for school boards to take the lead on education policy.”


If your board has not designated a LAN representative, please contact Director of Communications Tyler Pickner at 605-773-8382, 605-881-3791 or at with the name and email address of your representative(s).


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