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Legislative news and notes


Open meetings law bill amended


A bill that would have subjected appointed sub- and advisory committees to open meetings laws was amended by the House State Affairs committee today.


House Bill 1108 initially introduced an amendment placing sub- and advisory committees under the open meetings umbrella. The committee decided to strike the amendment. Sub- and advisory committees with no sovereign power are not subject to open meetings laws under the bill’s current language.


State Affairs committee members voted unanimously to pass the bill as amended. ASBSD will continue to monitor the bill.


Bus inspection bill passes committee


Senate Transportation committee members voted today to pass Senate Bill 41, which would allow school districts to use an approved inspector to inspect school buses prior to the beginning of a new school year.


The bill expands the requirement that bus inspection be completed only by the highway patrol and allows school districts to choose an “approved inspector” to complete inspections. Approved inspectors would be required to receive training from the highway patrol before they can inspect a school bus.


Highway Patrolman John Browers testified that under the current rule, the highway patrol completes approximately 1,700 bus inspections during a three-week period in June. Browers added that the highway patrol would continue to do scheduled inspections, if asked.


Two bills pass the house


House Bill 1064 allows school districts to implement flexible spending accounts as part of health insurance plans. ASBSD supports the bill. HB 1064 was passed unanimously on Jan. 22.


HB 1018, which is being monitored by ASBSD, revises provisions concerning elections and petitions, including a requirement for independent notarization on an election candidate’s nominating petition. HB 1018 was passed on 66-2 vote.


Each bill will advance to the Senate for committee appointment.


For updates on these bills and other pieces of legislation, check the ASBSD blog and bill tracker.


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