More than 450 open positions in schools

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More than 450 open positions in schools

Nearly 100 more position openings were posted in May this school year than last on ASBSD’s Teacher Placement website.


At the end of May, ASBSD’s Teacher Placement had 480 open positions listed, which is an increase of 82 positions from May of 2021.


The 480 open positions are almost 100 postings higher than in May of 2015, which is the year the Blue Ribbon Task Force began its work, and also more than double the amount in May, 2017, which was the first year of the increase in teacher salaries.



“The open positions are currently trending in a concerning direction,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “It’s a pattern that’s been troubling since the start of 2022.”


Open positions posted on the Teacher Placement website reached 255 at the end of January and peaked, thus far in the year, at more than 600 in April before the slight drop this month.


For updates on the open positions posted on ASBSD’s Teacher Placement website, check the ASBSD Blog.

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