Negotiation resources provided by ASBSD

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Negotiation resources provided by ASBSD

In the most recent Wade’s Welcome video, Executive Director Wade Pogany noted two things that were right around the corner: springtime and negotiations between school boards and district staff.


Pogany’s optimism on springtime weather arriving in South Dakota was delayed thanks to this week’s snow storm, but the focus on negotiations remains and ASBSD has the resources to help your board.


Three resources you and your fellow board members can access are ASBSD’s online Policy Reference Manual, our issue of Policy Matters dedicated to negotiations and directly contacting ASBSD for advice and information.


ASBSD’s online Policy Reference Manual features an entire section dedicated to negotiations.


Policies include negotiation goals, legal status, procedures, representatives, rights, matters to negotiate, power and duties of the school board and how to proceed when an agreement is reached.


Sample Policy


The Board recognizes that education is a public trust; it therefore is dedicated to providing the best possible educational opportunities for the young people of this community. In negotiations, this objective may be best attained if there is a climate of mutual trust and understanding between the negotiating parties.

The Board believes that the best interests of public education will be served by establishing procedures that provide an orderly method for the Board and representatives of the staff to discuss matters of common concern.

It is further recognized that nothing in negotiations should compromise the Board’s legal responsibilities, nor should any employee’s statutory rights and privileges be impaired.


Note: ASBSD sample policies are intended to be a guide for school districts. A username and password is required to access the manual. Contact Policy Services Associate Kay Thompson-Tieszen via email to acquire a subscription. The service is free to ASBSD member districts.


Along with our online manual, ASBSD publishes a quarterly newsletter, Policy Matters. Issue 6.1 of Policy Matters (published January 2011) covers the negotiation process, which includes articles on negotiations policies, timelines and avoiding liability among other subjects.

You can download the edition here.


Finally, if your board has any questions about the process we encourage you to contact Director of Policy and Legal Services Bill Engberg at 605-773-2513 or via email.


For updates on ASBSD, our services and events bookmark the blog or visit our Facebook page.



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