BuyBoard offers school districts a new option in purchasing

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BuyBoard offers school districts a new option in purchasing

A nationally used option for purchasing is now available to South Dakota school districts.


ASBSD would like to introduce BuyBoard: an online purchasing cooperative designed to streamline the purchasing process and help districts make confident buying decisions.




BuyBoard gives districts flexibility and additional options in purchasing,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “We’re proud to be a sponsor of the BuyBoard cooperative and offer our member districts more choices when it comes to purchasing.”


ASBSD joins 11 other state school board associations as a sponsor of the BuyBoard cooperative, which combines the purchasing power of cooperative members to leverage better pricing from vendors and save dollars by reducing administrative and resource time.


More than 1,200 school districts in the nation are cooperative members.


ASBSD did extensive research to ensure BuyBoard complied with South Dakota bid laws before joining the cooperative. For additional information on bid law compliance and other information on BuyBoard click here.


To become a cooperative member, your school board simply needs to pass a resolution authorizing participation in the national purchasing cooperative and the interlocal participation agreement. Download the resolution here and the interlocal participation agreement here.


The Rapid City and Meade School Districts recently became the first South Dakota school districts to join the cooperative.


“We’re ecstatic to have Rapid City and Meade as early adopters of the BuyBoard program,” Pogany said. “They’re taking a frugal an efficient approach to purchasing items for their districts by becoming a BuyBoard member.”


If you’re looking for additional information about BuyBoard, be sure to attend the breakout session about BuyBoard at the ASBSD-SASD Convention on Thursday, Aug. 7 beginning at 10:30 a.m. in Room 3 of the Sioux Falls Convention Center.


To test out BuyBoard, access the training website at and use the login: sdtrain and password: trainme (both case sensitive).


South Dakota also has its own BuyBoard Representative in Dan Dryden, current S.D. House of Representatives member and former Rapid City School District Business Manager. Rep. Dryden can be contacted about BuyBoard at


ASBSD is also available to answer questions about BuyBoard.

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