NSBA statement on active shooter video game

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NSBA statement on active shooter video game

NSBA recently released the following statement in response to the “Active Shooter” video game:


A video game that simulates a school shooting is alarming and disgraceful. Violence has no place in our schools.


Violent games that portray violence against students is unconscionable and undermines the efforts of public school leaders, parents, students, and teachers to ensure students and teachers can learn and teach in a safe environment.


When a company glamorizes violence in video games, and seeks to profit from exploiting horrible tragedies, students’ well-being and sense of safety are threatened.


Public school leaders are dedicated to enhancing safety and will remain vigilant about protecting students, teachers and administrators.


ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany echoed NSBA’s sentiment.


“The safety and wellbeing, both mentally and physically, of the students in South Dakota’s schools is the top priority of school board members, administrators, educators and school employees,” Pogany said.


“Depicting violence in schools in this manner is unacceptable.”


Pogany noted ASBSD and other education leaders and stakeholders in the state are discussing the best methods to get more mental health resources in schools. In addition, school safety will be a key topic at the 2018 ASBSD-SASD Convention with breakout sessions planned to cover best practices.


“These conversations are always at the forefront in education,” Pogany said. “We’re always looking for ways to enhance the safety in our schools and provide the best environment for our students to excel in.”

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