One-time funding coming to schools

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One-time funding coming to schools

School districts are set to receive one-time money following the end of this fiscal year.


Joint Appropriations committee members specified the one-time dollars appropriated through the passage of House Bill 1044 during the 2018 legislative session will be distributed after June 30, but will not be included in next school year’s finance accountabilities.


One-time dollars will be distributed to districts on a per-student basis utilizing the 2017 fall student enrollment count.


The South Dakota Department of Education has created a 2019 School Budget webpage and you can review the amount of one-time dollars your district will receive by clicking here.


House members passed HB 1044, which revises the general fund bill for FY2018 with 0.7 percent in one-time money for schools, on a 53-12 vote and Senators passed the bill on a 31-4 vote in March.


“We saw some positive things happen with our revenue,” Rep. Jean Hunhoff said during a speech on the House floor in favor of the bill.


“We looked at the resources available. We are giving a one-time payment to our schools.”


The one-time funds provided total more than $5.4 million.


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