p-Card program generates $66K in rebates

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p-Card program generates $66K in rebates

For the fifth year in a row the p-Card Program grew.


Sponsored by ASBSD, in partnership with the Illinois Association of Business Officials (IASBO), the p-Card Program reached 28 members who received more than $66,000 in rebates.


The p-Card operates similarly to a credit card and with more districts participating in the program and more dollars spent with the p-Card, the higher the increases for the rebate percentage for the entire group.




In 2012, two districts earned more than $10,000 in rebates, seven member districts earned $16,000 in total rebates in 2013, then 14 members in 2014 reached a rebate amount of $39,000, the following year (2015) 22 districts earned a total rebate of more than $48,000 and last year rebates totaling more than $55,000 were given to 24 p-Card members.


This year South Dakota’s p-Card members spent enough to push the program into a higher rebate tier, which means rebate dollars will likely increase exponentially next year.





Financial efficiency is a staple of the p-Card Program, as is the rebate that comes with using the card, and our participants are earning those benefits,” ASBSD CFO Matt Flett said.


The p-Card offers districts customizable credit limits for each card with no maintenance fees, helps reduce office work load and allows administrators to customize purchasing authority and spending levels to fit their district.


“p-Card members’ choice to utilize the program shows they are a model of financial efficiency,” Flett said. “We look forward to continuing to work with them and invite any district or cooperative to join and take advantage of this flexible, secure and competitive program.”


If you are interested in joining the program, please contact Matt at mflett@asbsd.org or 605-773-2515.

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