P-Card program paying off for participants

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P-Card program paying off for participants



By Bill Lynch


When you talk to the Warner School District Business Manager Angie Vetter about ASBSD’s P-Card program you hear why the program was developed.


Angie shared how it was a benefit to the Business Office by reducing the number of purchase orders and the hours entering the data into the accounts payable system.


The P-Card program helped reduce the work load for the office, which is complemented by a related reduction in the number of checks issued and the postage need to mail them.  Most of the district’s local vendors accept credit cards so by using the P-Card for local purchases had a significant impact in reducing the work load, said Angie.


It really has an impact when a district maximizes the use of the card with large purchases by mail and phone orders.


I was impressed with the utilization of the P-Card by the Warner School District in relation to the size of their school district and expressed that to the School Board by complimenting Angie on her wise use of the card for the benefit of the school district and creating efficiency in the Business Office.


Even better, I had the pleasure of presenting Angie and Warner School Board President Wade Young with a rebate check, which is the gravy with the ASBSD P-Card program.


Warner 2014(1)


In 2014, the P-Card program generated $39,000 in rebates for the 14 school districts actively participating in the program.


For 2015, we have 19 districts participating in the P-Card program. I’m ecstatic to report that based on the current trend in use, the program is projected to generate over $50,000 in rebates for participating districts.


ASBSD invites, better yet, encourages you to join the P-Card program!


Your district would benefit immensely from the increased efficiency the program provides AND I would thoroughly enjoy issuing your district a rebate check based on your use of the program.


If you’d like to join or want more information, please contact me 605-773-2506 or at blynch@asbsd.org.

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