People and parameters picked for school funding study

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People and parameters picked for school funding study

Members of the Legislature’s Executive Board met today to select committee members and set subject parameters for the legislative interim study on school funding, which was selected by the board in April.


Committee members will be asked to examine how the school funding formula affects a district’s decision to seek an opt-out or utilize special tax a levy, funding’s effect on graduation and technology’s relation to teaching.


“I think we need to be concerned with the funding formula…and if that’s working for schools,” Rep. Kathy Tyler (4) said at Monday’s meeting.


Legislators, who will be examining those questions and more, include:


  • Rep. Jacqueline Sly (33) – Chair
  • Sen. Larry Tidemann (7) – Vice Chair
  • Sen. Jim Bradford (27)
  • Sen. Jean Hunhoff (18)
  • Sen. Al Novstrup (3)
  • Sen. Billie Sutton (21)
  • Sen. Bill Van Gerpen (19)
  • Sen. Chuck Welke (2)
  • Rep. Dan Dryden (34)
  • Rep. Mary Duvall (24)
  • Rep. Anne Hajek (14)
  • Rep. Paula Hawks (9)
  • Rep. Kathy Tyler (4)
  • Rep. Mike Verchio (30)
  • Rep. Dick Werner (22)


“This is a strong and diverse group charged with looking at school funding,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “I look forward to working with them in some aspect during the study.”


Legislators are typically the only people appointed to an interim study committee, but are generally expected to call upon individuals in fields related to the study topic to provide insight and information, said Sen. Corey Brown (23).


Pogany was asked to discuss the topic with the Executive Board at Monday’s meeting, where he thanked the board for selecting topic and suggested revenue sources and funding equity issues be analyzed.


“The scope of the study and the parameters set are broad enough to encompass revenue and equity,” Pogany said following the meeting. “The study has all the makings of a great starting point to improving school funding.”


For updates on the study, check the ASBSD Blog throughout the interim.

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