Pogany appears on SDPB’s Midday

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Pogany appears on SDPB’s Midday

ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany appeared on South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s Midday this afternoon (Tuesday, Dec. 10) to discuss Governor’s budget proposal, school funding needs and Common Core.


Pogany was joined by SASD Executive Director Rob Monson. Pogany and Monson spent the legislative interim advocating for the per-student allocation to be elevated to at least its 2010 highpoint of $4,805 for the 2014-15 school year.


A return to $4,805 got a boost last week when Gov. Dennis Daugaard proposed a three percent increase to the PSA.


“We’re grateful to the Governor for the three percent proposal he put on the board,” Pogany told Midday host Karl Gehrke. “The Governor’s three percent gets us close to ($4,805). We really need to get back to that.”


Pogany noted the bump in funding would help schools with a variety of issues that have arisen due to funding cuts handed down in 2011. One issue Pogany focused on was improving teacher pay, which is the focus of a new resolution approved at ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly last month.


Common Core Standards were also discussed during the interview. Pogany said ASBSD supports Common Core and the standards offer a basic platform for learning, but provide districts with local control in determining instructions methods.


The entire interview can be heard here.

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